Damn Am 2015 Woodward PA Saturday Photos & SPoT Life

Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos: Bart Jones
Video: Frank Branca
I show up to the contest site at 9am and SPoT Damn Am coordinator Eric Mckenney is already Switch Flippin’ over barriers off flat!? Holy Mackerel!!
Sooner rather than later, others showed up to get their ‘practice’ on as well, like Christian Wood that prefers the Wallie into Backlip opposed to the household Ollie.
Semi’s breezed by in no time and Finals were the near future, Alex Midler obliges with a Front Blunt.
Well rested and skipping to the Finals with a Golden Ticket, Jamie Foy came in hot straight murking it!
T’was last day at Camp Woodward so all the kids went home , but a few stuck around to cheer on the homies.
At one point, it was looking like Chris Pierre Jaques could take this thing. In the end he slipped up a bit, but probably cause he was trying really gnarly stuff like this master blaster Frontside Flip down the big four, among other Double Black Diamond moves.
Brian O’dwyer holdin’ down the Hurricane Grind for Dirty Jersey!
Damn Am Final local David Dixon Frontside Flips into the distance.
Robbie Brockel, mid roadtrip, flails a Boneless all in my face piece.
Chris Gregson is pro as f%#ck these days, but that’s not gonna stop him from him getting his pivotness on between runs.
The announcers were having fun saying Alex Knox looks like he just got out of prison. Alex celebrates being a free man with a Kickflip Boardslide.
DLX on the campus.
Another Jersey holder-downer Liam McCabe stomps out a Kicky Front Fifty down the Hubz.
Alex Midler spinning in circles.
Josh Douglas jumps at the rail Switch like its child’s play. This time with the Switch Feeble.
Next Event: The Independent Trucks Best Trick contest. Jamie Foy gets things cracking conveniently with a Firecracker.
Alex Knox runs things with the Hardflip Backlip.
David Gravette calls the higher ups and tells em’ "You gotta see this!"
Akeem Haynes nailed the Front Shuv Late Flip for Best Trick, and then followed it up with a Nollie Heelflip just for the love.
Jamie Foy did a lot of tricks in Best Trick... here’s one of em’: No-Comply Boardslide.
C1RCA marketing manager calls corporate and lets them know… "Best Trick Is Going Off!!!"
Jimmy Carlin is excited to see who wins!
Jamie Foy got 3rd in Best Trick, Alden looks pissed, Ricky Flip Productions gets free advertising, and some fat bitch photo bombs.
Liam McCabe got 2nd in Best Trick with 360 Double Flip Lipslide, it was crazy looking.
Andrew Grabowski gets 1st in Best Trick with a Switch Frontside Flip 5-oh and is also down with The Jawn!!
Sick to see that Adelmo Jr. showed up to support the comp, definitely deserves a Thanks For Nothing Award. Yea Adelmo!
Another Thanks For Nothing award goes to the whole C1RCA team that came out and killed it all weekend!
Could not think of a better dude for the C1RCA Goliath award to go to other than Tony Christopher.
Our three final guys...
Liam McCabe keeps it top 3 with 3rd place.
Once they called Alex Midler in at 2nd we all new Josh Douglas won this whole damn thing! CONGRATS JOSH!!
I thought the day was over, I thought I was done, then walking back to headquarters I see Big E aka Evan Doherty Flippin Out’
I’ve seen Tyson Zane in the streets, but had no I idea he was also part of the Mini-Mega Backflip gang too!
We’ve all seen the homie Wesley Box’s Casper’s but have you seen em shut down the mega sesh with em?! That’s what I thought. Well now you have.
Another great Damn Am for the books. Congrats and Thank You to everybody involved; especially Josh Douglas for taking the win!