Damn Am 2015 Woodward West Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 26, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos: Wolfgang Brardt
Awesome morning view from the lodges at Woodward West.
SPoT Employee of the Month, Josh Knight won his trip out to Woodward, He's stoked.
Ripping Brazilians SLS Pro's Pamela Rosa and Kelvin Hoefler with their boy JP Oliveria.
SLS Women's Street League Pro Pamela Rosa handling this backside 5-0 grind. Watch her shred The 2015 SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship on Oct. 4th at StreetLeague.com.
Kelvin Hoefler, warming the course up for the Damn Ams.
Ethan DeMoulin, Charged fly-out 50-50.
Zach Doelling, buttery backside overcrooks on the cruise.
Jared Cleland, Frontally blunted.
Waldo Diaz, Backside Nose blunt with plenty of steez.
Mikey Mendoza, breaking out the benny.
Ryder Lawson, floated stalefish.
Sean Istaste, Sex change body varial thing aka "The Bruce Jenner"
Miles Lawrence for West coast, Corey Millett for the Midwest and Nate Greenwood for the East Coast. Homies holding down the map.
Austin Holcomb, Making barley grinds look way too easy.
Brian Odwyer showing Alex Midler he can get his pinch right.
Alex Midler can't skate due to injury so he cruised in on his electric Razor scooter to cheer on the homies.
Brian Odwyer fully pinched on a front feeble grind.
Jordan Rommel paying homage to Rodney Mullen.
Josh Oeldinger threading no-complys thru the rails to flat.
Jackson Davis had enough of the contest course so he decided to boneless a gnarly dirt jump like a true ATV.
Blood, sweat and dirt! Jackson knows you gotta pay to play.
Stevie "Lefty" Breeding, tweaked out frontside ollie
Dashawn Jordan, watch and learn. Frontside alley oop.