Damn Am 2015 Woodward West Finals SPoT Life & Photos

Posted on Monday, September 28, 2015 by Chris

Video: Frank Branca
Words and Photos: Wolfgang Brardt
Christian Marquardt and Evan Wasser having more fun then anyone ever. All you need is fun.
Cherry Park Loc, Mike Piwowar, Nollie backside kickflips like butta.
Danny Gordon handling biz on a backside noseblunt.
Hii yaahh! Zach Doelling flicking like a ninja for warm-ups.
Triple-OG lineup. Matt Milligan (left), John Alden (middle), Clint Peterson (right)
Trevor McCune has super steezy style. He's just chilling on this backside 180 nosegrind.
Craig Clements back smith, representing Florida!
Frontside air by Fabian Herrera. Yah Fabian!
Beaming back tail pop-in with the contractor shades on. Evan Wasser
Dashawn Jordan flexing on the competition. Frontside nose blunt.
Backside nose blunt slide the gap to rail from Berronte Ramirez.
The only dude taking this route was last years Woodward West Damn Am winner, Gage Boyle.
Amazing switch back lips on the handrail from Maurice Jordan.
Yoshi Tanenbaum huge 360 flip to fakie like a Damn Am that wants it.
Zach Doelling nice and pinched in the front crook.
Zach also got C1RCA's "Goliath" award this time around. Congrats dude!
Independent's Best Trick contest is going off. Danny Gordon - Rocket man boardslide........big spin out.
C1RCA team rider Caio Notaro - 360 flip noseblunt.
Ayy... Corey Millett firing it up with a nollie flip frontside 50-50.
Independent rider Dylan Williams does a kickflip crooked grind nollie heelflip out.
Dylan made the winning trick on the very last attempt of the contest. Soo Sick!
Alright....... it's a wrap. Yoshi Wins!!!! 3rd place Maurice Jordan, 2nd place Dashawn Jordan.
Yoshi Tanenbaum won the Woodward West Damn Am stop becoming the over-all Damn Am of the Year! That means he goes straight to the Semis at Tampa Am this year AND qualifies into the SLS Pro Open in 2016. Congrats Yoshi! Backside flip.
These dudes are stoked for what the future has in store, that's for sure. Shout out to all the great sponsors of the event and all the parents that supported their children. You Rule!