Damn Am Atlanta 2016 - Practice Photos

Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2016 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones
No reason to hold out on you, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. Jake Wooten right off the bat pulled this heavy heavy transfer to Front 50, after trying once before with no luck and falling on his head right before he pulled it. Good way to start off the first stop of this years Damn Am tour.
Brian Schaefer chills out in the buffer zone before it all goes down.
The early bird catches the worm or in this case Marcus Lizzmore catches a Tre Flip.
The party supplies have arrived!
Do it for the crowd! Some take notice of Ronnie Kessner’s Backtail Slide while others give em the cold shoulder.
Mcdonough Georgia’s answer to El Toro.
Thought this dude's name was Oscar, but can’t seem to confirm; either way he can catch the shit out of a Tre Flip.
Brian chums it up with ATL cult classic Adrian Williams.
Filmer/photographer Matt Hudson is no stranger on how to work the lens with a Front Rock.
Old man Rob rocks the OG SPoT shirt.
Filmers gonna film, skaters going to skate. Christian Dufrene knows the code with a Bigspin Boardslide.
Hazard County park owner Jona Owings smokes up some goods.
Seems like a pretty sweet deal.
Greg Holt bridges the gap with a Bluntslide.
Mackenzie and Clarence the couple of the day, week, month, century!!
Oh! And you know Clarence rips too!!
Marcos Montoya throws down a picture perfect BS Noseblunt Slide, well maybe my photo isn’t perfect but the Noseblunt for sure is.
You get the idea.
Next event on the agenda! Independent Best Trick Contest! Robby Kirkland copped 5th place. Yeah Robby!!
Robbyn Spangler-Magby scored himself 4th place with this wild Lazer Flip Back Grind.
Markus Jalaber ain’t got no time for frontin’ when it comes to best trick contests, Heelflip Crooks like buttah into 3rd place.
D’andre Pendergrass Nollie Hardflipped Five-O’d the Hubba three times in a row.. he got second.
Fletcher Renegar built the suspense with a Switch Frontblunt Slide, then Shuv Out, and lastly Bigspin Out; winning him Best Trick!
Congrats Fletcher!!
Tyrone Henderson knows a thing or two about Switch Flips on lock.
Mitch Schmidt Sweeps it from high to low.
Ronnie Kessner, Fakie Ollie Frontboard.
Kadian Maxwell clears the air with a Back Lip.
Quick 'crete sesh before the Bowl Jam begins; Chris Colmenero gets it in with a FS Nosegrind.
Matt Hudson follows with a Tail-Block.
Kidz Klub!!
Mike Freiberg gets the bowl jam started.
Lots of good stuff went down, David Dixon Kickflip Nosegrinded over the hip; it was pretty freakin’ cool.
And finally Jake Wooten & David Dixon close it out with some timeless double-trouble. An epic start for this years Damn Am’s. Stay tuned for all the madness tomorrow!!!