Damn Am Atlanta 2016 - Qualifiers & Finals Photos

Posted on Sunday, April 10, 2016 by Chris

Words and photos: Bart Jones
If you build it they will come. Fun game to play, find your friend in the photo and talk shit on em.
Bout a million Tre Flips went down over this pyramid, but only a few over the bar and they were done by Kolemann Reed.
Ready 2 Shred!!
Up close and personal with Chris Coffman.
Thee old top n’ down clown via Lipslide for Matt Bullinger.
Most top notch pros ain’t goin to no stinkin’ am contest to kick it for the love, but then again Justin Brock ain’t your average pro; he’s cool as shit. Getting’ jiggy for the camera with his son Jasper.
So get this! Jereme Knibbs launched off that near quarter pipe up top to Backside 180 Nosegrind to straight!... Ridiculous!! Although my dookie-esque photo may not show such epicness.
Classic father and son heart to heart with the Box’s.
Marcos Montoya are you down with the pinch…? DAS PINCH!!
Fry dat chicken! Fry dat chicken! Fry dat chicken!...yea. I got uh pan, I gotta plan!
Eli Williams gets up close and personal with the 6 judger's column via Slob Fastplant.
Er’ body wanna piece uh ma chicken, finger lickin!
Check out that Assidesmith! Brought to you by Kanaan Dern.
I gotta uh-whole chicken! Go an wash yo' hands cuz U goin B lickin’ em!
Oh sorry I should mention Thomas Dritsas placed first in qualifiers and did a Dab in the middle of his run…that was tight.
Greg Holt fucks with Arizona Ice Tea and Crooks top and over.
Kanaan Dern might've only missed top ten by one spot, but when it comes to Gap 5-O’s? He ain’t missin’ shit!
What’s cooler? Marcos Montoya’s Back Noseblunt up top or homie posted ramp side? Sorry Marcos... gonna have to go with homie. Next time bud.
Fletcher Renegar does a lotta things. Wallie Stalefish is one of em.
Christian Dufrene messes around with BS Noseblunt Slides and cops 8th place.
If I had to come up with a metaphor for Markus Jalaber’s skating, it would be Amish whipped homemade churned butter … yeaaa real smooth.
If you know Jake Wooten’s skating you know he’s maniac. If you saw him at the contest you know he’s a maniac… in otherwords, he’s a fuckin’ MANIAC!!!
Classic game of catch and release. Eli Williams knows the reel.
Open up the door, sailin’ all four, all you heard was Niko don't love ya no mo!!
You think Jereme Knibbs just randomly ended up in the end of this sequence of photos randomly?.... Yeeaaaaa I don’t think so bro.
If you’re a total idiot and have no sense for sarcasm, the Thanks For Nothing award actually means thanks for something yuh dummy!! This one goes to Jona - owner of Hazard County Skatepark. Thanks for lettin’ us hold this shindig at your pad!!
Next Thanks For Nothing award goes to Bilingual Lensman, Matt Hudson.
Last TFN award goes to Phillip, Jake Wooten’s uncle. I don’t know much about the guy but I guess he’s like hella cool n’ junk.
Eli Williams won the Bronson Speed Ring award. I think that means he goes like dumm fast; and that he does. Dead giveaway. Look him up!
Yeaaaaa we could have each podium placer have their own lil’ dorky personal photo but we said aye forget about it!! Lets get the whole crew up here!!! If you made it this far I’m assuming you already know that Eli Williams got 3rd, Niko Howard got 2nd, and Jereme Knibbs most definitely got 1st but just in case not; this is me telling you right now! Yuh dig!?
But no seriously... a special congrats to Jereme Knibbs on getting dat 1st place spot. This is only the first stop of six Damn Ams this summer and if stop one is any implication of how things are gonna go, it will be beyond epic!!!