SPoT Road Trip: Damn Am Atlanta

Posted on Friday, April 15, 2016 by Chris

Every year we kick off our Damn Am series at Hazard County Skatepark in McDonough, Georgia. We call it Damn Am Atlanta. Each year the weekend is consistently a gathering of the hardest rippers and close friends making memories. From fearless leader Jona Owings grilling the best damn chicken you've ever put in your gullet, to Jake Wooten ripping everything in site, there was never a disappointment. This year we took along a camera and documented our trip. Check out Marino's photos and take a trip down memory lane. - Eric McKenney

Words and photos: Marino Nicastro
Damn Am Atlanta is the very first Damn Am of the year which makes it special. It is also special because Atlanta, Georgia is so close to us that we load up the van with as many people as possible and make a trip out of it. Seen here is Sterling, one of our newest employees going on his very first Damn Am and SPoT Trip. This was a 6am meet time, maybe our earliest.
Robby Kirkland and Cash Gaddes, Shaqueefa. When you stay up all night working at Res, you’re either first to the van or you’re last. Uber to the park at 6am for the win.
We had a pretty deep squad with us and some people wanted to get picked up at the house. It all seemed easier than arguing with 9 tired people.
Gang. Off to Hazard County Skatepark.
6-8 hour drive with a packed van.
Right when we got to the park, Chris Colmenero was tidying up the new DIY Quarterpipe. Blue collar ain't afraid to get dirty.
Derick Wynn - No Comply on the sketchiest hump ever. This used to be in the course last year I believe but Hazard doesn’t waste much materials.
After the sun went down, we headed back to the hotel and called it an early night. This was the morning's aftermath, not bad. Beer and doughnuts.
15 people, two rooms…..but don’t tell the hotel lobby that. Sleeping arrangements were first come first serve. Tristan fitting in where he can.
Uncle Sam never gets out of bed before getting some stoke in.
Great part about being on the team? Team spending. Show us the goods!
Saturday at Hazard County Skatepark was mostly practice and then a best trick contest along with a bowl jam. But i stayed away from the mayhem and checked out the vert ramp. Eli Williams giving reason to my decision. Crossbone.
Jack Winburn was stylish with his shit. I mean look at that hair. FS Alley Oop.
Jake Wooten might be one of the best out there in his age group. Not many kids can tweak a Stalefish like that.
Eli back at it again. BS Invert.
Greyson Beal (one of the best) said give me two of the best...burgers you got.
Alex Bibiloni getting into party mode. Shotgun with a small spillage. Jack Loktu on chatsnap I think, or is it Snapchat?
Frank Branca and James Cobb, Watermelon, Watermelon. If you were following us on Snapchat, you might’ve seen Frank film this one. If you’re not, get on that shit!
The Box Family and Boards for Bros go hand in hand.
Jona is an amazing guy. Fearlessly leaving his park in our hands while he kills the grill. And he’ll stop what he’s doing to talk to you or even shoot a photo. He told he can’t smile but I think the southern grin works perfectly.
Beer on the wound: That’ll work for Alejandro and Bibs but I don’t think Deein Coats is down with that life.
You won’t ever catch Markus frowning. 2 Cigarillos to celebrate 3rd place in best trick. James on the Cobb is with it!
Joseph Ratleff aka YoYo is our transplant from New Orleans/Cali. He’s a part of our family and always brings smiles. Jack reunited and it feels so good.
SPoT definitely had the loudest most excited cheering section! It's your duty to make sure your friends/teammates know you’re watching and rooting.
Marcos Montoya BS Boneless. A familiar face.
Alejandro FS Boneless? This was a cool one to watch and he had it every try.
Eli is MVP but you kinda have to be when this is your hometown skatepark. But he proves himself with the Kickflip Disaster.
Its about time! Jereme Knibbs came home with 1st place and the big win. He’s on the phone with the money right now.
When one of your friends wins it's almost like you won. Well almost...just without the amazing skating. Here's all the winners.
Markus always puts on for SPoT. 3rd place Best Trick and 7th place in Street Finals. Also one of the best dudes out. Say what's up if you don’t know him already.
Product Shot. Santa Cruz Sponsored the event and the homie Monk made those steezy trophies! Alright Bet.
Shortly after this was taken, Knibbs threw up, but the party didn’t end there. Jereme and Cash living the good times.
Sunday night after the contest was over, we headed to this bonfire party that Robb Hart who runs MJQ - a club in Atlanta - told us about. It was insane! BYOB, bonfire outside and a mini ramp indoors with a club-like feel behind it. We were basically the celebs there. We put on a demo and the crowd was loving it. Everyone wanted to try it. @bonfireatl - check them out.
YoYo getting things warmed up. It was dark in there and the cold ones started flowing so I had to put the cam down and get on that ramp.
Jack knows what I’m talking about. Eric McKenney, our trip commander, finally gets to relax and double fist some brews before the drive back tomorrow.
Good squad, good time and a great trip. Damn Am ATL is a wrap. Thank you to everyone who showed us around and let us come into your place, this wouldn’t be possible without you.