Damn Am Brazil 2016 - Practice + Qix Best Trick Photos

Posted on Friday, April 29, 2016 by Chris

We arrived in Santos, Brazil for the second stop of Damn Am this year and immediately got hit with bad weather. Luckily the next day, it held out and we had a ripping practice, followed by the Qix Best Trick contest. Qualifiers start today and there's one thing that's obvious: Brazilians are really, really good at skateboarding.

Words and photos: Bart Jones
Santos Brazil in all its glory.
Percy Junior Alvorado was blasting epic Kickflips off this sculpture at the end of the pier upon our arrival.
Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to mess up 20 mins later.
Grandpa Brazil shows the little scamps how it’s done with a Front Blunt.
OMG I can’t believe that guys hat has a number 11 on it! Just when I thought I have seen it all.
Felipe Nunes finesses a Backtail while the red sculpture scores some BGPs.
“Hey, who’s gonna do banners?” Not It!!
Vinicius Amorim cranks an Airwalk To Fakie.
Gotta roll deep in these parts.
I’ve heard some of the kids refer to Franklin Morales as savage. More or less, pretty spot on.
DJ Wade might be a pretty famous DJ, but he isn’t afraid to come down from his booth and slap on a couple bands.
Percy Alvorado hangs about 7 and a half on this ride on grind.
Chaka Brada!!!
Ivan Monteiro goes Alley-Oop while the meager ginger race of Brazil looks on.
Fun fact: Poodles are Hypoallergenic. Never mind... guess that’s really not that fun.
Franklin Morales strikes again with a no jokin’ around FS Noseslide.
Big shout to Jaws for comin’ out.
Lucas Diniz Tucks one to Fakie.
Zone out on the lonely island before the sheer chaos of the Qix Best Trick Contest.
The boys were really packing it in for better or worse during Best Trick, Douglas Kabeca sets the example with a Nollie Noseblunt Slide Top N’ Down Bigspin Out.
Couldn’t really figure out the photo for Nicholas Dias’ Crook Nollie Flip Transfer that won Best Trick, but still got some stuff to show how fucked up good he is. Switch Flip Front Board
Another One. Tre Nosegrind.
Diogo De Silva made the podium in Qix’s Best Trick with a Tre Flip Crook.
Douglas Kabeca made that 4th place spot with the Nollie Noseblunt yadayada.
Tiago Cristian Alves De Oliveira Varial Heel Back Grinded the bump to bar and scored that 3rd place spot.
Picomano Cab Backtailed the bump bar and brought home 2nd place.
An extra special congrats to Nicholas Dias on just absolutely murking the Qix Best Trick with a First Place finish.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's practice and Qualifiers of Damn Am Santos, Brazil - Stop 2 of 6. It’s going to be absolutely, utterly insane!!!!!