Damn Am Brazil 2016 - Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Saturday, April 30, 2016 by Chris

It’s the second day here in Santos, Brazil and over 100 ripping amateurs are throwing down hammer after hammer to showcase their skills and make it to the top spot. Qualifiers are over and the results are in… here’s a photo recap of the day.

Words and photos: Bart Jones
Pull up a seat and watch the ultimate cage match called Damn Am Santos Brazil.
While the Kickflip Crook rules all, Weskley Diego Gomes Leal opts for the Heelflip Crook.
Skate After School,
The Nollie Heel Noseslide is like chipping up a curb for these guys out here, everybody’s got 'em. Wiliam Fernandes Silva knows the code.
Hang in there lil buddy!
Daniel Avelino Da Silva Kickflip Grinds across and down for the masses.
Yoooo kidddd iz U famous!?!
Well shit! I think you is!!
Someone call an amb-lance.
Nothin wrong with a lil Frontside Hurricane, Wilian Martinez Santos knows.
Again and again with this guy; Franklin Morales, Switch Front Blunt.
Romario De Oliveira Silva sets the scene with a Switch Varial Heel 50.
Felipe Faria doesn’t fear the rack factor on this double trouble Boardslide.
Don’t fear the lonely island!! Vitor Gonzaga Da Silva doesn’t.
Gotta love a good Switch Nosegrind Pop-Out, Djorge Oliveira does.
Weskley Diego Gomes Leal gives the Front Salad some love.
Brenndel Ferreira finishes off his run with a Switch Back Tail.
Franklin Morales strikes again! This time with a Frontboard.
Victor Sousa, Nollie Nosegrind.
Saw about a hundred people try to Bigspin Front Board this rail and never worked. Good thing Igor Araujo De Souza opted for the Kicky FS board instead.
An unknown Switch Front Five-O.
Where many ride on grind (rightfully so), Evandro Martins Backtails.
Kevin Jonathan adds some pizzazz to the Santos sky line with a Kickflip Noseslide.
While the middle of the park was a collision course fest, Sergio Santoro scraped the sidewalls with a Kickflip Backtail.
Congrats to our two Golden Ticket winners, Joao Lucas Alves Miranda Rodrigues qualifying second and Lucas Alves in first. Congrats guys!!! Stay tuned tomorrow for total coverage of Semi-finals and Finals!