Damn Am Brazil 2016 - Finals Photos

Posted on Sunday, May 1, 2016 by Chris

The final day of Damn Am Brazil is upon us and the level of skateboarding is unreal. Check some photos from the day while you wait for the SPoT Life edit, coming tomorrow...

Photos: Bart Jones
Day three. Final for Damn Am Santos Brazil and the place is packed to the brim.
Santa Cruz Brazil tent in full affect and ready for action!
The second Golden Ticket winner from yesterday Joao Lucas Alves Miranda keeps things in perspective with a Tre Flip Lipslide.
Brasilia’s finest: Mr. Gustavo and Igor Calixto
I think early on it was clear that Lucas Alves is a savage beast.
Don’t worry about it, it’s like all conceptual mannnnnn!
Evandro Martins grinds the bank to ledge from start to finish and grabs out at the necessary time.
Juventude do futuro.
Thought Luiz Neto was gonna break his board on these Lein Disasters.. SMACK!!
“Heard you looking for the Candyman, bitch.”
JP Oliveira might have been kinda hurt, but as you can see, it didn’t really stop him.
What?? You didn’t think there would dancing!?
Sergio Santoro wins the dude that looks like he’s having the most fun award.
What R those!!!
Ivan Monteiro warms up the big rail with a Front Lip.
You might have heard of Nurse Ratchet, but what about Nurse Thrash It?
Joao Lucas Alves Miranda makes the bump to bar his little bitch with a Nollie Heel Front Board.
Looks like this guy has been hangin’ with DJ Wade too much.
Lucas Rabelo guides a Gonz grind onto the Hubba.
All the kids want their photo with Pamela Rose.
You wanna go up!? 'Er you want to go down?! Lucas Alves does what he wants.
Felipe Nunes Back Three Flipped the box, and scored one of the Thanks For Nothing awards.
This contest would’ve not been possible without Kelvin’s help. Thanks Kelvin!!
It's true! Dreams really can come true. Paul Zitzer wins an award at a contest he coordinates. Well-deserved Paul!
Luiz Neto takes home Bronson’s Speed Killer award.
Fun Hog Sergio Santoro got 5th. Yea Sergio!!
Past Damn Am winner Ivan Monteiro scored himself 4th place. Not too shabby.
Joao Lucas Alves Miranda - 3rd place, Lucas Rabelo places 2nd, and Lucas Alves wins the whole gawt dang thing!
Congratulations Lucas, you beyond killed it!
That’s a wrap for the 2016 Damn Am in Santos Brazil. A humongous thanks to all for welcoming us with open arms, until next time! Adeus!!