Damn Am Costa Mesa 2016 - Practice & Best Trick Photos

Posted on Saturday, June 11, 2016 by Chris

Our away team hit the West Coast this weekend for Damn Am Costa Mesa, presented by Volcom. Over 100 Ams hit the concrete at Volcom HQ for practice and the Independent Trucks Best Trick contest, which was insanity. Check the photos for proof.

Photos: Bart Jones
Another Damn Am, another dollar; just kidding..it's all for the love baby!
This unknown shredder gets the weekend started with an all board no leg Stalefish.
Volcom has it’s own security, and the security have their own signature shirts and so on.
Gleam the stone! Zach Doelling abides.
Ooh that’s just my baby Mumma.
Keenan Lewis leans on some leanage.
Kris Markovich and his lady friend reppin SPOT.
Dylan Williams reps Bakersfield California with a 180 Switch Crook aka the Christmas Grind.
Thomas Bonilla from Pizzanista straight saucin’ on you.
It's pizza, you eat it, its good, really good, there’s not much more to it than that!
Luiz Neto came all the way out from Brazil to show us he’s got Crail Airs on fleek.
Most Turnt Up Dudes; Corey Millett and Steven Breeding. Blake from The Good Bar fuels the fire.
Up close and personal with Taylor McClung and his crispy new kicks.
Stoke meter rising! Jack-of-all-trades, master of few Jeff Robins shows mom the stoke!
Last years Costa Mesa Damn Am winner Wacson Mass sets the tone with a Kicky Frontboard.
After blasting mass airs for the Volcom’s Holy Stokes video, CJ Collins continues to fly just for the love.
Independent Best Trick was completely insane. Danny Gordon did a Backside Tailslide Hang Ten Bigspin Out and didn’t even make top 3.
Robert Neal Nollie Flips out of his Crooked Grind.
Whereas Brodie Penrod Nollie Tres out of his!
Some kook dad tried to flex on Maurice Jordan cause his dumb kid doesn’t know how to take cover when a board's coming his way. Maurice chooses to be the better man and keeps the peace winning Indy’s Best Trick with this Switch Front Blunt Shove.
Congrats Maurice, that was insane.
No better way to end the evening than with a premier showing of Volcom Skate's new featured film entitled Holy Stokes! Great vid guys... Can’t wait for tomorrow!