Damn Am Costa Mesa 2016 - Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2016 by Chris

Another day of Damn Am ripping is in the books and these kids lit it up during Qualifiers yesterday. We've got the full SPoT Life episode coming soon, but for now check out Bart Jones' photos and get ready for some intense Finals runs today in Costa Mesa.
Dreaded Warriors, Markus and London say: Welcome to Damn Am Costa Mesa BITCH!
Tranny Anomaly, CJ Collins can also work the center via Kickflip.
Evan Wasser getting looser than a gold goose.
A skateboard bakery?! Now we’re talking!
Wasser, back for more.
Jace Torkelson turns himself Barley for split second over the rainbow.
The plan is to put this photo right next to the one when these dudes are all pro 10 years from now.
The darkside of Robert Neal’s Nollie Flip Crook.
Solomon Mosley is built like a cinderblock house. When not busting heads bouncing at The Good Bar he’s got Kicky Boards Fakie on lock!
Tried to get this dope portrait of the guy with glasses in the corner and the youngsters had to photo bomb. Damn Kids!
Young eccentric, Lazer Crawford takes a break from the AZ heat and ties his line together with a Front Blunt.
Roman Pavich blinded by the light mistook this hip as a vert ramp and blasted a Kickflip Indy.
Wilma and Mumma get posted.
Cody Chapman slides a high speed Backtail, tying together a sick run. What’s up judges, no Semis for the Chap-Man!?
Can you spell the word tech-gnar with the letters from Derrell Carey’s name? Probably not but he’s got it anyway. Tre-Flip Lipslide
If you see Volcom’s social media guru, Daniel Redcorn around make sure to wish em’ a Happy B-Day!
Angel Ortega takes it to Outerspace with a Backside Grab over the hip.
Jonathan Henderson pops the shirt off then pops a Hardflip.
Blake Johnson shows off his stripes with a Front Blunt Slide, while Solomon thinks to himself why waste a frame and throws a Backside Flip in the foreground.
Blake gets the frame all to himself this time and takes advantage with a Kickflip Crook.
Alex Midler claims pinch with a Front Crook over the rainbow.
Alex follows it up with a Gap Front Board Up-N-Over, a hectic journey.
Zion Wright Backtails the Hubba with conviction.
Zion again Front 3s for the crowd and himself.
Thought we had the pic of Zion’s last move of his run, but some wiseguy had to botch the scene.
Golden ticket winners! Midler with 2nd and Zion qualifying first. Sittin’ on 50s!
Congrats Zion on qualifying first, stay tuned for Semi’s and finals later today. Should be epic!