Damn Am Costa Mesa 2016 - Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, June 13, 2016 by Chris

Finals at Damn Am Costa Mesa was a freakshow with so many talented rippers it would make your head spin. In the end, it came down to three: Wacson Mass, Zion Wright and Alex Midler coming in first. Check the photos for proof.

Photos: Bart Jones
You partied Saturday night with the Damn Am crew, Sunday morning comes you might be a bit hungover so no better way than to be greeted by the 805 Brewers serving a lil bit of hair from the dog that bitchya. OH! 805 like the area code?! I get it!
All eyes on me! Jereme Knibbs gets the attention with a Gap Noseslide. My favorite is Zion creepin in the stone.
Kane Sheckler doesn’t need the free pass from his older bro as he can hold his own: Treflip in the Semeez.
Chany and Kelly just absolutely livid about name spellings.
Would you believe me if I told you Eric Clark popped this Bluntslide into a 5-O? No but seriously would you? Photo: Kyle Seidler
Calm, Consistent, Confident… all attributes of Chase Webb. Triple C.
Manny and Ortiz wrap it out.
Shylio Sweat politely asked where his Suski photo was. Ask and you shall receive my friend.
His name is Austin Thongvivong, we call him the Thong Giver; he gives away thongs and Kickflip Back Lips.
Caio Notaro didn’t quite make the cut, but makes himself useful as Wacson’s Pit Crew.
Tyson Peterson qualified 1st in Semis like a muthafuckin G!
They all good, but you can’t touch wall man! In this case Chase Webb that is.
Best of luck goes out to our boy Harrison Murray that got seriously bodied during his run, although showed up the next day in best of spirits; get well soon bud!
As semis are concluded it was time to unleash Golden Ticket winners and Zion Wright was taking no prisoners!
Eric Clark holds his own in the Finals with a Kickflip Frontside 50-50. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Mama Shecks with her cubs.
Marcos Montoya just sintchin it into Finals with buttery Backtails.
Straight Outta Compton a crazy muthafucka named Der-rell!
Our Brazilian tour guide from last Damn Am stop, Ana Paula showed up so I guess that means we didn’t annoy her too much, and this time she brought her pup.
Let me see that Thoooooonnngggg…thong, tha, tha, tha; thong! Whoops. I mean let me see Austin Thongvivong do a Frontside Tuck-Knee .. now that’s more like it!
Chase Webb goes.. BANZAI!!!!!!!
Every Damn Am gotta get a photo of Schaefer with a legend. This time, League Player Paul Shier.
Boy does Berronte know how to put together a run! Connecting the dots with a Backlip and so on.
Wacson Mass and the Costa Mesa Volcom Park go together like peas and carrots. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Lets be honest: Zion Wright is just like too good. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Alex Midler’s got his tricks and this time around he landed em all. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Ooh you throwin out brand new Volcom Threads?! Photo: Kyle Seidler
Don’t mind if I do... Photo: Kyle Seidler
The Thanks For Nothing award is a play on words, first one goes to Volcom for all their help. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Next one goes to Pizzanista, the skateboarder friendly pizza. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Manny Santiago gets one for just being a down ass fool. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Speech! Speech! Speech! Photo: Kyle Seidler
Rightfully so, the Bronson Speed Killer award goes to Chase Webb. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Brian calls dibs on the rash-guard tank top. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Wacson holds it down in Costa Mesa once again with 3rd Place. Photo: Kyle Seidler
And then there were two. Photo: Kyle Seidler
And Boom! Just like that! When they called 2nd place (Zion Wright) we all know our 1st Place winner. Alex Midler! Brian gets so excited he gives him his favorite shirt.
Our top 3. Photo: Kyle Seidler
Another epic Damn Am, and once again Huge Congrats to Alex Midler on his first Damn Am win!