Nike SB Damn Am Chicago 2016 - Friday Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, August 13, 2016 by Chris

Mother nature has a pretty warped sense of humor. Every time we thought it was dry enough to skate yesterday, we got drenched, and just when we were packing it in for the day, the sun came out. In the end, we had to call it and move the Indy Best Trick contest to today, where Qualifiers and Finals will ALSO be going down.

Photos: Bart Jones
First order of business, The Hoff works hard to get all the banners up for the epic best trick contest later that evening.
Grant Park local Marcus Sarsycki knows best: if you wanna get it in you got get to the park early. Things looking on the up n’ up with a Smith Grind.
Lemme see that fancy footwork.
Kevin White came all the way out from LA and went straight to the park to catch the early sesh as well.
Master judge Bob Reynolds wants to see this shit go down so he steps down from the judging stand to put in some work.
Bob says to himself: How’m I gonna clean up this piece of shit?
Team work pays off and the park is dry once again. Marcus takes advantage getting himself warmed up for the Independent Best Trick.
Annnddd… NOPE! Back to square one! Ain’t that uh bitch...
Lets give this one more F’n try. The Lawn Wranglers were nice enough to let us borrow their leaf blowers this time giving us a one up in the game.
David Dixon takes advantage of the dryness..
...And gets his Bluntslides “on fleek”.
Sarsycki also takes advantage and learns a new one - up n’ at em!
And once again after a brief dry spell mother nature takes a big ole piss on everybody’s hard work.
Remember all that hard work Hoffart put in putting up those banners for Best Trick? Welp, in the end the the weather won and it was time to pack it up and call it.
At least the park was still good to ride those damn Divy bikes around.
The crew jokes around about finally calling it for the day and then the sun finally comes up. (torrential down pour began once again moments later) Lets all hope for better luck into the weekend. Thanks and Jah Bless.