Nike SB Damn Am Chicago 2016 - Saturday Finals & Best Trick Practice Photos

Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2016 by Chris

We had a little better luck today, with Mother Nature deciding to give us a break. The Indy Best Trick got bumped too, so it was sensory overload, with over 100 skaters pulling out all the stops. Check out some of Bart's photos of the day and stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode coming later. Congrats Yoshi!

Photos: Bart Jones
Due to Friday's nasty weather, we still had a lot of prep work. Good thing this is far from Brian’s first rodeo, as he got things poppin’ rather quickly.
Kevin Scott gives 'em all a sneak peek.
Not too much tranny at Grant Park, but Braden Stelma makes due with this lonely quarter pipe.
This is an accidental photo when I ran up the big quarter pipe not knowing there was a big puddle at the top that soaked me and my camera.
Pretty safe to say Yoshi knows what he’s doing in these dang comps.
Either you got it or you don’t… I don’t, Wes Box does.
The colorful people.
David Dixon is really good.
Riley Vaughn Wallrides with not a lot of room to spare.
This kid was a riot.
Wait your turn! Dashawn Jordan is b/s 180 Nosegrinding.
Matthew Carter knows a good Back(Smith)Drop when he sees one and puts it to use.
Post up and act like you’re the artist… Nice…
Whip it around and bring it back - Logan Mozey 180 Nosegrind Rewind.
The power of a freight train, Zion Wright comes barreling through with a Smith Grind.
PawnShop in Chicago!? No smiles when you rep The Cove.
Jereme Knibbs will Back Smith your head off if he has to! #Savage
Kevin Scott grabs right down the middle and takes flight.
Let’s sign em up!!
Do It For The Crowd!! Marcos Montoya knows best.
Josh Campos screeches a Back Tail in a tight spot.
Fun Fact: it was so hot and bright out that I shot some of these photos out the back of this van; The more you know.
Crooks Up!? Nope sorry just Midler with a B/S 180 Nosegrind. Not too shabby tho.
David Dixon can do it all.
Jereme Knibbs Front Blunt Slides all on his lonesome.
Kevin Scott might be fresh, but that don’t mean he can’t get Slobby once in awhile.
The red hat with the shoes to match - Dashawn knows the code.
Kevin Scott is always doing cool shit. 180 Fakie 50/50 and brings it back where it came from.
I never saw that dude on the left with a shirt on once this weekend. Then again, I never saw Dashawn miss one of these Noseslides either.
SPoT’s very own Zion Wright qualified 1st midday.
Kevin Scott cinched the finals with moves like this, among others.
I seen Jonathan Reece on some big rails before, probably making this lanky 5-O easy-for-cheezy.
Marcos Montoya with everybody’s universal favorite, the elusive Backside Noseblunt Slide.
Zach Saraceno sure knows how to put together an outfit and Barley Grind back to straight as well.
John Pankus Nosegrinds in the distance with a bunch of cement in the way.
Dashawn is always gonna come thru with some new shit. Frontside Bluntslide transfer low to high.
Robert Neal laughs his way all the way to the bottom of this Feeble Grind.
Damn same siders! Zion puts down the Front 180 Switch Crook from the same side.
What the..?! Yoshi came out kicking with this Fakie 50/50.
Thanks For Nothing.
Mike Sinclair aka Big Pink hung out all weekend.
The product toss still has its ways.
No Brainer: Dylan Witkin wins the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Best Trick's Top 5.
Once again and again! Ladies and Gentlemen! This month's Damn Am winner is Yoshi Tanenbaum! Congrats Yoshi! And also to Robert Neal coming in 3rd, and Zion Wright breaking into 2nd place.
Congratulations Yoshi.
Another amazing Damn Am for the books. Come out and see us at Woodward West next month, or if you're on the east coast, in NYC. Thank you and let the Skate Gawds be with you.