Damn Am Woodward West 2016 Indy Best Trick & Vert Contest Photos

Posted on Sunday, September 4, 2016 by Chris

Deep in the mountains of Tehachapi, California lies a skate paradise known as Woodward West Camp, and it's home to our second to last stop of the 2016 Damn Am Series. Over 100 skaters came out to showcase their skills and get a shot at auto-Qualifying for Tampa Am in November. Saturday was the Vert Comp and Independent Trucks Best Trick, which makes today the main event. Here's some photo evidence that modern skateboarding kids are actually, probably hybrid robots.

Photos: Bart Jones
The locals upon our arrival say... PEEEAACCEE MAANNN!!
Was also greeted by FL legends: Zitzer, King Of Ybor, and Big Milly.
Someone's gotta get things started; this time around it’s Ryan Alvero with The Benatar!
Where’s professor Schmitt? Lets do this!
The legend Tron aka Bobby Long abides by the 15 pieces of flare minimum.
Jeremy Knibbs Boardslides some dude in a red shirt.
Good to see Harrison Murray that took a hefty tumble at Damn Am Costa Mesa is back on his feet walking again.
Greg Valencia don’t need your tricks, he’s got his own; Nollie Backside 180 Tail-Grab North.
Watch out Frank “the tank” Branca! There’s a new sheriff in town.
High as the Sierras.
Turns out Alex Midler has got Hopkins.
Woodward’s Gossip Circle: OMG totally! No Way! Chuhhhh, He did not!? Whatever!!
Remember the time lapse camera is watching.
Mike Piwowar on some new shit, Nollie Flip FS Noseslide.
Big Pink and Billy came out to see what all the hype's about.
Meanwhile in the editing bay...
Bobby Long finds the high point of Woodward west and grinds the ever living shit out of it.
The homie Chris follows promptly.
Big shout and thanks to the Boyle family for hooking up the cookies. King of Ybor Allen Russell indulges.
Indy best trick meets innovation.
This is a still of JP Oliveira’s Cab Flip Backlip, Not a lot of justice to be given.
Congrats to JP for grabbing 1st at Independent's best trick comp.
Dashawn gets the vert contest started in an unorthodox way with a freestyle walk leap over the foam block viewing area.
Toby Ryan hangs on loosely to a Nosegrind Tailgrab.
Archer Braun digs the Nosegrinds too.
More Archer kicking around.
True life story; 9 year olds that can Frontside Invert, and his name is: Gavin Bottger.
Matthew Wilcox screeches by with an FS Tailslide.
Daisuke Ikea just spinning out!
Daisuke again this time with a Kickflip Indy.
Shea Donavan will Stale your face and his own as well.
Congrats Matt!
Big-ups to Daisuke on snagging that 2nd place spot.
And on behalf of the SPoT crew: a giant congratulations to Shea Donavan on taking 1st!! Good Stuff! Stay tuned tomorrow for some more ill maneuvery.