Damn Am Woodward West 2016 - Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, September 5, 2016 by Chris

Well, if you weren't in Tehachapi, California this past weekend, you missed one hell of a Damn Am contest. These dudes are good - REALLY good - and only getting better. In the end, Zach Saraceno walked away with 1st place and a Golden Ticket to Semi Finals at Tampa Am this year. He's also in the running for Damn Am of the Year, which means he could go straight to Tampa Am Finals AND get to skate the 2017 Nike SB SLS World Tour. Thanks to all our sponsors and everyone who came out - stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
That’s the place!
Steven Breeding explores the advantages of the Banana Board.
Tweak Fam in duh house!
Don’t get me wrong: JJ Hamilton’s Bluntslide is cool an all, but…
The Pop-Shuvit Footplant is what we came to see!!
“Snap Fam, Is that you!”
Caio always coming thru with the goods! This time the Nollie FS Nosegrind.
Making good use of the abundance of left over Zumiez couches.
Jonno got that crispy flip.
Would you believe me if I told you Ethan DeMoulin Late-shuved out this jammer?? No?! I don’t know why you never trust me!!!
This guy has the right idea with the shade panel, although he seems a bit bored.
You wanna learn how to BS 180 Nosegrind? Ask Ryan Alvero. He runs things with dat stunt.
Bobby Long is my favorite skateboarder.
Zach Saraceno has got a hell of a fuckin good Nollie Backside Flip!
Dashawn can obvz rock the center pieces, but is one to also work the side walls as well.
Er’ body be rollin’ out here!
What The!?!
This ain’t Jacob Walder’s first rodeo and he still making’ finals like its nuthin! Kicky Crooks.
In the biz these here are what we call True Fuckin’ Playaz!
Everybody wants the BS Noseblunt in the bag. Lucky for Derrell Carey he’s already got it like dat.
Man on a mound.
We call it the Gonz Grind, and Gage Boyle’s got em’
Jonny Hernandez Frontside Flips like he was shot out of a cannon.
Startin’ to think Zion likes sneaking into the shots, but whatever. We love Zion, so it's all good. We also love Ozzie's Nollie Front Boardslides.
Straight outta Lisbon Portugal, Gustavo Ribeiro has got Kicky Noses on lock.
Fresh off an injury, Ryan Alvero makes the best of being back on board with Switch Front Feebles and making that final cut.
Ivan Monteiro and finals go together like Sugar and Cinnamon. Tre Lip every damn try.
Shot quite a few Backside Noseblunt Slides of Christian Dufrene over the years and it never gets old.
If these are the guys the USA is up against in the Olympics in 2020, we might be in trouble; Daisuke Ikeda, Kicky Indy over the hump.
Yung TyTy (Tyson Bowerbank) has got it all, he can flip in, he can flip out; and best of all he can blast head high Liens like its nuthin.
Phatty to flatty? Zach Saraceno spins one backside from bump to bottom.
No stranger to that top 3 life, SPOT’s very own Zion Wright handles 3rd and busted out before we could even get a podium shot.
Once you get to these top three, it really can be anybodies game. Tyson wrangles the 2nd place spot; not to shabby. Fuck yeah Tyson!
Aaaaaaaand ladies n’ gentlemen without further adeu, your Damn Am Woodwest 2016 winner is… ZACH SARACENO!!! It was only a matter of time until Zach won his first Damn Am and sure enough!
Once again, huge gigantic congratulations to Zach Saraceno on his first Damn Am win! Our next and last Damn Am of the year in NY Sept. 16-17. Come get some, its gonna be insaneeeee!!!!