Damn Am Woodward West 2016 - Road Trip Photos

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2016 by Chris

On our way to Tehachapi, CA last weekend for Damn Am Woodward West, we took a detour through Huntington Beach and the Vans HB Skatepark. The weather was on point, and Bart Jones was fully conscious (and dressed), with camera in hand. Check out some photos from the day and stay tuned for the SPoT Life edit coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
Was runnin’ a bit late, I blame this drive-thru for confusing me.
In all its glory, The Vans Huntington Beach Skatepark.
Not too shabby.
Florida’s own TJ Harris, greets us with a Backtail.
Once Canadian now HBian, Mark Appleyard also greets us; this time with Nosegrind around the palm.
Hoffart toys with the gap Tailslide.
With 1st try luck, he steps it up to the Noseblunt Slide.
While a couple guys that we were suppose to meet up with us bailed, Appleyard kept his cool and said a couple words for the cam.
Big Milly all smiles on a Piv Fakes.
The in-house palm tree might not be looking so hot, luckily Zitzer’s FS Ollie is piping!
SCCCRREEEETTTCCHHH!!! Jordache Hoffart puts the tires down for some front lippage.
Realistically where us old timers should be at the park.
Frank Branca’s a hard worker and spends all his time behind the camera and computer, so on a mellower day why not come out from behind the lens and show he can shred too.
Franky don’t need no stinking hands on this BS Nosepick.
More Frank The Tank traction with uh bump to Crooks.
Bridging the gap, Registration Guru Eric Mckenney goes Banzai! from point A to B.
As we’re asked to leave the park for killing it so hard ; ) Going Hoff throws out Ole Trusty as a last hoorah.
Sesh might be over in the park, but Paul was too fired up to stop there.
Big Mill wants some of that too, but was gonna need a bit more wax.
Then shows Pauly how its done with the fakie variation.
This is not a Rockstar ad, but nothing more than a few happy campers after a good session. Stay tuned this weekend for the real thing.