Damn Am NYC 2016 - Street Mission With TOA

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2016 by Chris

The away team arrived in NYC yesterday for the Damn Am contest this weekend, and it didn't take long before everyone linked up and started ripping through the streets. As usual, we crashed the Theories of Atlantis HQ and Florida homie Pat Stiener was our guide. We'll have the SPoT Life episode for you later next week, but for now, check out a sneak peek of some photos from the day.

Photos: Bart Jones (except where noted)
Started the day off at Theories Of Atlantis.
Pat Stiener is the man that made the day happen.
The crew ready to bounce around in the streets.
First Stop, Cooper Park.
Once again, Stiener shows us the way.
Registration Guru Eric Mckenney follows accordingly and commences ripping.
You’ve heard of under the ladder, but Alejandro Burnell poses the question: are you familiar with behind the fence? No Relation.
Zered Bassett was there ripping with us.
So was Manny Slays All, stay tuned in the future for SPoT Life with his mind melting moves.
Leo Heinert was also there killing it.
Eric, Tre to fey.
Zered takes it Switch styles.
I hear it in my sleep, I hear it in my day dreams.. “Whats up, this is Paul Zitzer and you’re watching SPoT Life!”
...I mean, don’t get me wrong: we would never be the type of dudes to judge people on skating or keep track or score or anything ; ) but if we did you could say that McKenney would be the MVP of the day.
I knew you were thinking fish.
How’s that Limp Bizkit song go? Rollin! Rollin! Rollin!.. Yea something like that.
Then all of sudden… Nothin!
I had lost the crew and felt like an Urban Cowboy wondering around the city like a lost baby.
And then Boom! There they are! Back to business!
Whoaaaa Horsey!!
Had to back it up a bit, and Alex Hancock backed it up with a Smith.
Daniel Frank usually goes for the creepy look when the camera is on him, but this time he goes tough guy.
Bart is going to have a lot more time to practice getting his Nollie Back Tails leveled out, since Milligan is taking his job.
Alex bounces a Backside Flip over a mini-can.
Paul Garr Wallies one and keeps it moving.
Chris Miller learn’t some Bluntslides.
Zitzer heard Chris Miller and thought he was doin’ vert doubles, so he backed em up with the Frontal variation.
Back to back, Paul comes thru once again with the elusive Backside 355.
Big Shout and love to Zered Bassett for kicking it with us clowns all day.
Skating around Brooklyn all day was rad, and that's just the beginning, as we got Damn Am Practice tomorrow and the Contest on Sunday, followed by Best Trick down at LES park. Come get some.