Damn Am NYC 2016 - Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 17, 2016 by Chris

Damn Am rippers from all over the world came to the Big Apple this weekend in hopes of taking home a win at our last stop of the contest series. LES park was lit yesterday and as we say every year, the level of talent at these things just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. The practice sessions alone look like Finals at Tampa Pro ten years ago. Peep some photos of the day and stay tuned for the SPoT Life edit coming later this evening. Full schedule is here.

Words and photos: Bart Jones
Welcome to the terrordome bitch! I mean LES Skatepark…welcome.
It’s never too early to Gap Back Smith, especially when you’re coming from Madagascar like our boy Tsiky Imanoela Raharinaivo
We at SPoT by no means are biased towards our own guys, but gawd damn Uncle Sam friggin’ kills it.
Big Pink and DJ Wade, what could these two possibly be conversing about? Your guess is good as mine.
Christian Henry knows a thing or two about filling the frame.
This shit is child’s play for Yoshi Tanenbaum.
Zitzer looks to the sky and asks “what does it all mean?”.
Zion Wright Tre Flips into a tight spot.
Last stop's Damn Am winner Zach Saraceno goes blasphemy.
If you build it they will come. I mean it was already built and they already came’d or something like that.
You know what they say… If Frank The Tank didn’t film it, it didn’t happen. Or something like that.
Nose slides are key, Alejandro Burnell takes one from the hip and around the corner.
If you pay any attention to these dang comps you’ll see Marcos Montoya becomes more ripping by the day. Gap to Back Over Crook.
Robert Neal going for the Kid N’ Play look.
Backside Flips come uh dime a dozen, but Austin Curry blasts the shit outta them things!
Everybody wants an interview with Manny.
What's good with the Hubba sesh tho?
Kevin Scott, Lien Air.
Oh how we wish we could skateboard.
“And I was all like, Yeah Right!” “Oh, Chuhhh, whateverrrrr Becky!” “As If!!”
Yoshi’s Fakie Heel into this tight lil' number is no joke.
What you know 'bout Gold Teef?
For better or worse, the day ended with Billy Rohan taking control with his mini blow horn, holding his own impromptu contest. Check back tomorrow to see how this whole crazy thing ends.