Damn Am NYC 2016 - Finals Photos

Posted on Sunday, September 18, 2016 by Chris

LES park was flooded with Ams yesterday for Damn Am NYC Qualifiers & Finals. The talent was off the charts, and these dudes gave it their all. In the end, Zach Saraceno came out on top for the second Damn Am in a row, with a solid run and style to match. After the dust settled, we moved it over to the double set for the obligatory Independent Best Trick contest, where the stakes were raised even higher. Check out some photos from the day and stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode coming later on.

Bart Jones
Welcome back to the Lion’s Den.
We was all like: How in the world have we not heard of Noah Nayef?! This kid is too ripping; turns out he’s from Australia... the other side of the world. Right on; guess that makes sense.
Mason Padilla Feebles somewhere over the rainbow.
Billy Rohan stencils Samurai all over the banks, Sean Imes Kickflips into them.
If you are ever trying to hide in the Rainbow Brite jungle, these are the pants you are gonna need.
All weekend long not too many reckoned with the cheese grater, but Ginger Bandit gotta away with a Piv on his way out.
Plenty have told me that Austin Hufnagel is related to Keith Hufnagel but no one ever told me about his Back Flips.
You see a lot of heel clicks on the Laser Flips, but Dashawn Jordan has got that catch.
He’s got legs and knows how to use them.
He’s going the distance, He’s going the mile, he’s going for speed! Judson Farhat.
Robby Rosano goes one past the Noseblunt with the 270 Piv in.
Mario McCoy, Kickflip Crooks on lock.
I’ve never seen more people oblivious to the fact that there is a contest going on.
Dashawn Auto-Piloting thru a Backtail.
We told the shrimps a 100 times to get off the course. They would not listen... Christian Henry tries to shoe em off.
Suggestion: Don’t sleep on Will Mazzari, dudes got serious skills.
Jus’ Friends.
Big thanks to Markus Jalaber for being my subject for my High School Artsy Fart Photo Project.
Yeah Noah Nayef, we see you shining!
Dashawn Jordan once again glides thru a Backside 180 Nosegrind.
Lemme reiterate, there was people there.
It's that damn kid with the yellow helmet again getting in the way! Niko Howard fights him of with a Front Crook.
These ole’ codgers are the one to decide your fate.
I woulda thought Santiago Rodriguez was a local with how eazful he rallied into the twinkie - but nah, homie is from Uruguay.
Comfort is key, Alex Midler knows.
Markus Jalaber only messes with the best of moves, Fakie Crooks. Tricks are for kids.
I knew New York was the Big Apple, but I did not know it was a green apple, who woulda thought?! Tyson Bowerbank doesn’t give a shit and Impossibles over it.
Yoshi Tanenbaum Nosegrinds for the masses.
What kinda nut jumps down the double-set in their run? Fuckin’ Maurio McCoy that’s who! First try Heelflip.
WARNING: Double-Set Spoiler Alert! I’m jumping ahead here a bit, but Dashawn did quite a few tricks down the double for the Independent Best Trick so I gotta spread em apart a bit here. Here’s the Switch Flip.
DOUBLE-SET DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT!!! Zion might just hold the record for biggest Back Three in a a visor with this one.
Maybe Zach Saraceno coulda had a cool Double-Set photo to to end this thing if he skated best trick but instead all I got is this Gap Smith Grind of him and he won’t even let us see his face.
LES Double-Set master Maurio McCoy surprisingly didn’t even make top 3 in best trick but still got away with this blazing hot Frontside Flip.
Straight outta the Chi-Town area, Marcus Sarsycki is no stranger to leaping some grit.
Like a cannonball shot into the crowd, Zion closes out his NY weekend with this mega blast of a Back Heel.
Dashawn Frontside Flipped it too!
This whopper is just completely insane, someone get Dashawn a Straight-Jacket!
Congratulations to Yoshi Tanenbaum for coming in 1st at Best Trick with a BigFlip down the double, photo looks like shit, so I'm not even gonna show you.
Pad from Nike takes home the Thanks For Nothing award on Nike's behalf.
Karl Watson hung out all weekend and is an all around nice guy, so of course he gets the other Thanks For Nothing award.
Leave it to the dude to that jumps down the Double-Set in his run to take home the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
One more of Maurio.
And then there were three, while Paul makes love to his microphone.
Dashawn got 3rd and Zitzer does his best impression of a bitter beer face.
And boom! Once they call 2nd you know who’s first. Zach Saraceno does it again!
Let's check the track record here: Zach Saraceno qualified 1st for the last 2 Damn Am’s then won both of em’ And also won Damn Am of the year. I don’t care who you are; thats gotta feel good. Once again Congrats Zach! Can’t wait to see ya at Tampa Am later this year.