2017 Damn Am Atlanta - Practice & Best Trick Coverage

Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2017 by Chris

Ladies and gents, it's Damn Am Time! First stop as always is the backwoods of McDonough, Georgia at Hazard County Skatepark. Yesterday was all practice, as over 100 Ams tighten up their skills in hopes of coming out on top for a chance to skate Tampa Am and the 2018 SLS Pro Open. After warm ups were over, we went right into the Indy Best Trick, followed by a mini ramp jam as the sun went down. Check out Bart's photos below and stay tuned for coverage from Qualifiers and Finals today. Let's do this!

Photo: Bart Jones
Gotta pay the Troll Toll to make it into the Hazard County compound, Maddox holds it down.
The early farmer gets to grind the worm, Marse Farmer farms a Frontal Nosegrind.
Ladies and Gentlemen, step aside... the shot callers are coming through!
Pat Donivan gets savage and hacks a piece of Crailslide off in the backyard before the park lights were even on.
Chiki-chiki! Chickenheads!
Patrick Praman feels out the new course with a BS 180 Nosegrind down the rail.
If this Front Rock from Matt Milligan doesn’t show you that our staff rips then I’m sorry I just don’t know what does. ; )
Nothin' wrong with a lil flip in flip out but Blaine Partridge keeps it photogenic with uh bs Noseblunt Slide.
A view of Patrick Praman’s Nollie Front Nose from the Greenroom.
Alex Midler’s getting really good lately.
Do you know about Jared Cleland’s Fakie Crooks? Well if so you gotta know he’s got em’ lock on the block.
The kid that might spend more time in the air than on land, Jake Wooten.
Damn Am hitman Ivan Montiero spins a 270 to Noseblunt Slide.
Marse Farmer comes back for more with a Kicky Crook down the rail.
I think this is Alec Spinosi but not sure, I think he landed this Kickflip Backlip but also not sure. Are neither of these right?? Here’s the photo just in case.
Lot of tricks went down in Best Trick, Niko Howard did a couple of 'em here's one of them: Kickflip Grind.
Ivan Montiero did Tre Nose Biggy Out and Heel Out, here’s the beginning part of both of those.
Marcus Lizzmore wrangled 3rd place in Indy's Best Trick with a hectic Switch Heel phatty to flatty!
That 360 Flip NS Nol Heel Out got Ivan 2nd in Best Trick.
Midler stuck with what worked best and did another Kicky Backtail to win the Independents Best Trick, Smoke um if you got em.
And there it is!
Following the Best Trick, Austin Curry gets the Mini-Ramp jam cooking with a Footplant Fakie on the LinkinLogs.
Damn Am filmer Matt Hudson stays to true to the SPoT employee rule: you gotta skate and you got to rip otherwise you’re cut! JKJK thats not a rule.. should be though!
Don’t let the freckles and helmet fool you, Roman Hager will talk down to you like you’re the one that is a child! Then skate like a full grown as well.
The good homie gets sketchy.
Wood on wood, Jake Wooten checks the stability of the railing with a Tail-Bash.
Matt Hudson puts the camera down once again mid jam and gets a lil some.
Can’t think of better way to close out the Ramp Jam and entire day with none other than LAF (local as fuck) Eli Williams and 1 of his classic Frontside Flips on the extension. Thank you for viewing and tune back in tomorrow for photos, video, results, and more!!!!!!