2017 Damn Am Atlanta - Finals Coverage

Posted on Monday, April 10, 2017 by Chris

Our first stop of the Damn Am series this year is in the books and already the skating is bonkers. The judges had a tough job for sure, but Marcos Montoya took home first place, with an amazing combination of tricks, all executed flawlessly. Stay tuned for the SPoT Life edit coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
It’s a big day, it’s Damn ATL Hazard County 2017; the question is.. how do you dress?? I guess like a banana apparently.
Matt Hudson gets his line in before getting back behind the camera again.
Christian Dufrene steady posted on a Benatar Grind.
Outcast MCs or Weekend Warriors?
Wesley Box gets a lot of traction here at the SPoT site, but how can he not?! The kid shreds!!
Clint might've not won the best trick contest but def won the Beswick contest, that consists of whipping around like a madman and blasting giant airs.
Courtyard was in full swing, whether you wanted to spin the wheel at the Boards For Bros tent or watch David Dixon Back Overcrook over the Loveseat it was on.
Joel Mercier looks clean cut, like almost as if he would be on his yacht on this fine Sunday afternoon. But nahh only thing he’s sailin’ is Switch Tre’s over the pyramid.
The headless horseman takes a Backtail around the bend. He goes by the name: Malik Jordan
Ain’t no burger like a skatepark burger!
Andrew Daigle Twists n’ Turns a Sugarcane Grind.
Sure a lot of people have 5-O’d to Fakie over the love seat, but how many have done it over a human hand serving as skatestopper like Cody Heil?
Pretty sure it’s safe to say security is not gonna let anyone get out of hand at the park.
When Jared Cleland has a griptape job like that, it’s no surprise he can do Fakie Backtails every try.
Alex Midler takes his Back Smith to a higher level.
The Treehouse is designed for the emo type skater that just wants a little alone time.
Local Yokel Eli Williams Bluntslides over the seat.
Jared Cleland took first in Qualifiers, and the grip says it all. Look out for his part in the Party video coming soon.
Heard that on the BMX circuit, Jamie Beswick’s airs are kinda lacking, meanwhile in skateboarding Clint Beswick doesn’t seem to be lacking in that department.
Patrick Praman came outta no where with sweet moves like this Hurricane among many others.
Lucas Alves could Kickflip Boardslide a mountain if need be, but for now the rail will have to do.
I think most of us all wish we could skate like Jake Wooten.
Lazer Crawford doesn’t feel the pressure to be the Lazer Flip guy and opts for a Hardflip.
Crazy gear and wild hair, and a good name too.. Keanu Brown come haulin thru with a hi-speed BS 180 Nosegrind.
Whoa Braden Stelma! You feebled up the rail?! Oh. Hurricane down it? Dang ok..thats still pretty cool too.
Before we get into the vicious top 5, wanna give out a couple shout-out awards. 1st one goes to David from Bluetile. He came and kicked it all weekend and also slept on the floor of the park with rest of the kids.
And also another Thanks for Nothing award goes to Hazard County Skatepark to add to the plaque wall. That's the owner, Jona Owings son - Maddock accepting the award.
Clint Beswick took home the Mob "G For Effort" award just with sheer raw ripping.
Jake Wooten already rides for Bronson but regardless was still super hyped to take the Bronson Speed Killer award.
Christian Dufrene, one of the few rippers to come out of Louisiana, wrangled 5th place.
Good Looks Christian!
Yoshi Tanenbaum is no stranger to the top 5 with high speed flippery up, over, down, and on, grappling him 4th place.
Hell Yeah Yoshi!!
Jared Cleland truly is an underrated ripper, whether it's in the streets or the comps, he’s always coming through with some goods. Qualifying 1st, Jared backpeddled a bit with a 3rd place finish. All in all, not too shabby!
Woohoo Jared!!!
Ivan Monteiro came out of nowhere a couple years ago and took Damn Am by storm, winning it all. Since then, he seems to be getting better and better and not staying away from the podium for too long. No surprise he slipped right into the 2nd place spot.
Parabéns Ivan!!!!
Cool, Calm, Comfortable, Collected, and Consistent: all the traits it takes to win one of these things! And Marcos Montoya has got it like that. Marcos has been skating these things for years and it was really amazing to see him finally win his first Damn Am, as he is more than deserving.
Another Damn Am for the books and getting this year's series started off with a bang. Wish y’all coulda been there last night that weren’t, but goes without saying: if you know McDonough, Georgia then you kno’ the 3 Dollar Cafe went off!! Sell your car, quit your job, abandon your pets!! Whatever it takes…make it out next time!!!! Farewell until then!