Damn Am Chicago 2017 Practice & Indy Best Trick Coverage

Posted on Sunday, July 9, 2017 by Chris

Normally most of these photos would be of people drying off the course at Grant Park from the onslaught of bad weather, but Mother Nature gave us a break this year. So instead, here's some photos of what you actually want to see at a Damn Am: amazing skateboarding by amazing amateurs. Registration filled up quick yesterday with all these guys hoping to take home a win and possible Tampa Am / SLS World Tour spot. Best Trick was a freakshow of talent, with Maurio McCoy shutting things down with a kickflip frontlip shuv out on the 8-stair rail. Stay tuned for the full SPoT Life edit coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
There she is in all her glory.
Mikey Haywood beats the heat with a Front Crooky.
A man and his camera.
A man and his skateboard.
Talkin’ Shop.
Maurio McCoy over compensates a Kicky Front Tail Slizz.
One of many Chill Zones.
Ben Narloch Back Smiths over the beautiful luscious rock garden.
Stay hydrated out there folks!
Pinch Mikee Carter.
Bag Stuffer.
All the way from Long Beach to the Great Lakes, Dre Malone brings the Hurricane.
Registration Party!
Maurio McCoy Hardflips over an imaginary Elephant.
Announcers on point.
Jake Braun hits that Nosegrind from the kicker.
Brute Force!
Registration Guru Derick Glancy goes up on a Saturday.
Cody Heil goes with a Crook and takes a grab at it.
Ben Bedolla plays the back 9 with a Smith Grind.
Best Trick is all about lettin’ your freak flag fly and show your rare one. Ricardo Downs gets things started with a Willy Grind Pop Up to Five-O.
Chicago legend Jesse Neuhaus checks out the Best Trick Comp.
Illinois Gnarler Woody Woelfel snags 5th place in Best Trick Switch Harding over the Hubba.
Floridian ATV Jake Ilardi almost had the KF Front Blunt Biggie Out but settles for just the first part and grappled 4th in Best Trick.
Val Jerk Alex Midler Back 270 Noseblunts at the buzzer and grabs 3rd place in Best Trick.
Chicagoan and Repeating Offender Mike Piwowar pulls off his money gun the Nosegrind Nollie Flip Out for 2nd place.
Quick Feet!
Maurio McCoy don’t feel right unless he’s on that podium... Welp he’s in luck cause here he is again handling Independent Best Trick with a KF Frontside Lip Shuv Out gaining him that 1st Place spot. Congrats Maurio!!
Practice and Best Trick went off without a hitch! Qualifiers & Finals are sure to hit harder than a freight train to the face, so check back tomorrow for the final wrap up!