Damn Am Chicago 2017 Finals Coverage

Posted on Monday, July 10, 2017 by Chris

That's a wrap for Damn Am in Chicago this year... Yesterday was one hell of a contest, and if you know Maurio McCoy, you should high-five the shit out of him. It's not often that someone picks up first place for Best Trick AND overall winner of Damn Am. Here's some pretty pictures to feast your eyes on from Finals...stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
Let’s just start things off with this dude for no other reason than why not.
If anything, this photo is definitely making Wes Box’s Impossible look worse as he’s gotta helluva one.
Everybody Skates.
Marcos Montoya goes for the long haul on this downward escalating Backside 5-O.
Sinclair disguises a bag of candy as bag of Smart Waters, now thats Smart!
Robert Neal has one of the cleanest Nollie 180 Heels we’ve ever seen.
Mix Master Manny.
Hometown Advantage, Mike Piwowar Switch Backside Flips.
I Love The 80’s!
Marcos Montoya Squares up a Front Blunt.
Piwowar qualified first in qualifiers and he was stoked!
David Dixon qualified for finals and then pulled a disappearing act.
Robert Neal saved the promo box from getting stolen and then went ahead and held is own product toss “Damn Y’all Thirsty!”
Carter Wood stirs things up a bit with a Barley Grind back to straight - Texas Style.
A Cannibal Corpse fan and his throne.
No Surprise Damn Am ATL winner Marcos Montoya was in the finals.
They’re always watching.
Above the crowds and clouds, Henry Gartland haggles a Frontside 5-O.
Even Damn Am security couldn’t stop Bambi from getting a couple grinds in between runs.
No Surprises here: Yoshi Tanenbaum Tre Flippin’ over the rail in the finals.
Escape the sun where and however you can.
Mike Piwowar does his part as the first place qualifier with this BSTS and maneuvers alike.
Gage Boyle can put a line together like tic-tac-toe or maybe connect the dots??.. stupid
Tyler Peterson making his way into 5th place.
Yeaaaa Tyler!
Zach Saraceno and his sig flick via Nollie Flip.
Good Looks Zach!
Zach Doelling took home the Santa Cruz Smasher Award.
Woody Woelfel was granted the Mob G for effort award.
Jake Ilardi earned himself the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Thanks to Sinclair for nothing.
Jeff’s crew from Asylum skatepark held it down this weekend.
Chaz Ortiz came out and did nothing, hence this award he has received.
As of recently, Jake Ilardi has been travelin’ out a bit for these Damn Am comps. Looks like its payin off... 3rd place, not too shabby.
Yeaaaa Jake! lookin Good!
Midler just keeps getting better and better. Switch Front Blunt.
Hell Ya Midler!
It was only less than a year ago Maurio McCoy was popping up at these contests and now look at him! Kickflip Noseblunt.
Double Win!!! Best Trick and the real deal! Congrats Maurio!!!!!!
Another Damn Am for the books! Seeya in a couple weeks in Australia!