2017 Damn Am Australia Coverage - Practice

Posted on Friday, July 21, 2017 by Chris

Our first Damn Am down under, in Sydney, Australia and it's been a blast already. We're about 14 hours into the future here, so by the time Tampa sees these photos, we'll all be asleep. Day one was rad... all practice, but these kids rip. Plus, we get to see some new faces. Check out some of the photos captured throughout the day. SPoT Life edit coming later.

Photos and captions: Bart Jones
View from the SPoT headquarters for the weekend; I ain’t mad at it.
After a 24hr travel period for some of us, a lil buffer/decompress pre-party was in order before hitting the park.
Upon our arrival at the park Jack O’Grady shows us the way with a High Octane FS Nosegrind.
By no means did we want to tussle with the street hard locals that overran the park.
Registration Tycoon, Derick Glancy does a bang-up sticker job and points his Back Smith at it; Yes Derick we see your sticker work..great job man.
Shipping Containers, so hot right now.
Your move, Schaefer.
Haven’t seen any Fidget Spinners in Australia yet, but I did see a 540 Spinner; Lachlan Abbott.
Red, White, and You ..Baby! Jack Paterson follows the stripes right into a Backsmith.
Thee Ol’ Registration Blues.
Switch Heel down the set like Buttaz. Make yourself more known mann...we searched the Geelong Skateshop Insta and on Youtube and still can’t find your name, bro.
The Bag Lady and her pet Bearded Dragon.
Nike TM and Damn Am contestant?! Sure why the f*”ck not!? Geoff Campbell, Switch Heel.
Daisuke Ikeda, amateur skateboarder and even more amateur bottle flipper.
When talkin’ big game on the mic all weekend, you better be able to step up to the plate. Will this Bluntslide cut it for our MC Paul Zitzer?!? Welp, its gonna have to do.
Bands at uh make em dance.
John Bejarano came all the way from Colombia to master the English language but might as well master some Backside Tailslides while he’s at it.
Shit just don’t change... different country same struggles. The fungus known as razor scooter kids.
Joel Bray, Frontside Flip Revert on the big bank.
Ran into a Razor Gang behind the park. Heard I was talkin’ smack and almost got me with the shank!
Did not catch this bloke's name. I’m sure he’s a star here in OZ and we should know it, so after research and goin’ deep into investigation I’m guessing its Rob Pace runnin this high speed Bluntslide; please let us know if we cracked the case!
They call em Mash, but with FS Airs like this maybe they should call him Blast!
Brian goes with the age old saying: if you can’t beat them, join em. Tune back in tomorrow to check Schaefer blasting some triple tail whip 1080s on his scoot along with some top notch skateboarding via Qualifiers.