2017 Damn Am Australia Coverage - Qualifiers

Posted on Saturday, July 22, 2017 by Chris

It's day 2 of Damn Am Australia, and Qualifiers are a wrap. Daisuke Ikeda and Mikey Mendoza managed to secure a spot in the Finals by placing 1st and 2nd, and the rest of these guys must be part kangaroo or something, because there's been some seriously crazy footwork goin' down (under). We'll have the SPoT Life episode posted up later for you, but for now - here's some photos.

Photos: Bart Jones
Brian Says: Let’s git dis partay uhh started!!
With qualifiers just a Step and Hop away, Riley Pavey just jumps right in!
My photo Assistant/Assistant Photographer for the day, Derick “at a glance” Glancy.
Where’d the Salad Grind ever go? Apparently it went Down Under. Rob Pace knows whats up.
The fungus continues to be among us.
Noah Moon Lipslides over the seat of love.
The crazy coffee guy is here!
One of my personal favorites, Cody Riley Bluntslidin' the rail every try.
The medic was happy enough to give us a quick smile after yardsailing his kit all over the course.
John Bejarano speaks words with his skateboard, this one says: take that you f*&king judges!
This dude skated all the way across the states and is now working on OZ.
Are we gonna have to start drug testing for Damn Am? By the looks of Sam Atkins Grind, the guy is clearly on Uppers.
I wanted to get a picture of Hayley Wilson shredding but never got to it, so here's her playing Newscaster.
High speed Sizzlin’ Jack O’Grady comes cooking thru with a NBS.
Looks like Daisuke Ikeda is getting along with the locals just fine.
You know what they say: If you flipping in you might be paying in skin. Sam Sutton lives to tell another day.
Two of the worst things.
And on the other hand, followed by two of the best things!
Joey Cormack bringin the Front Blunt Slide to life.
Uh-Oh! the bad boy party boys are showin up!
The Bad Boy Party Crew must be rich, cuz that right there in Australia is about $3,000 USD worth of beer.
Daisuke Ikeda comes thru with one of his classic FS Flips.
Hagan smoothes things out with the authorities.
Congrats to Mikey Mendoza and Daisuke Ikeda our two Golden Ticket winners, going straight to Finals.
After a long day of contesting, we usually like to get the SPoT / Damn Am gang together for a nature walk to reflect and find our Zen, when by the grace of God we came across this amazing bowl situation known as PortSide.
Frank the Tank goes window shopping and brings home a Hurricane.
Head judge Matt Milligan gets him a lil sumthing sumpin!
B-Schaefs?? Yea he Rock-N-Rolls!
Whoever built this and maintains it, Thank You!! One of the 9th wonders of the world! Catch up with us tomorrow for the final wrap out of Damn Am here in Sydney Australia!!