2017 Damn Am Australia Coverage - Finals & Best Trick

Posted on Sunday, July 23, 2017 by Chris

Man, what a rad weekend this has been. Our first ever Damn Am stop in Australia and everyone killed it. Thanks to all you folks at home around the world that watched the live webcast. We wish you could've made it, but hopefully you got a good taste of how amazing these Ams are. Peep the photos from Finals, congrats again to Daisuke Ikeda on his 2nd Damn Am win, and stay tuned for the SPoT Life episode coming later today.

Photos: Bart Jones
Woke up to these lil pesky guys.
Not very bashful are we?
In-house bird sanctuary.
Meanwhile back at the course, John Bejarano sized it up with some FS Blunts.
Jack Paterson gets his day started with an Aussie favorite: the Benihana.
Lot of Tre Flips goin on...Lenard Tejada takes his to 50/50.
Joey Cormack mans the ship on a Hardflip down the stairs.
Sam Atkins partied with us then did some Backtails in the morn.
If you put it on they’ll come and watch.
When Billy Lukins is comin thru, you best take cover or git duh fuk out duh way!!
Charles Robertson gets toey on a mega transfer.
That Damn sAm Atkins back at it again.
That kid should pay better attention to the finesse of John Bejarano’s Front Feeble, leaving him with better chances of picking up a skateboard, as opposed to a scooter.
Sam Sutton is just a boy, but looks like a man and skates likes a man.
Everybody skates part one.
Up n’ over for Rob Pace.
Ryder Lawson goes rogue.
Another angle of Jack O’Grady’s Noseblunt.
There’s a launch ramp on the back of that Hubba, Lachlan Abbott used it.
Just to show that Jamey Foxton does regular/normal tricks too.
Our favorite filmer.
“And then I said to the guy! I’m a mushroom! I’m a fungi... a funguy!!”
Rob Pace really has it all man.
Pop and catch, holy shit does Sam Sutton have a good 360 Flip.
Another Tre Flip, this time by Joey Cormack on the lonely big bank.
Geezus goodness! Another Tre Flip?! This time by Noah Nayef.
Shout-out to Noah for qualifying 1st in Semis.
Don’t we all wish we could Fakie Nosegrind over the loveseat like Jack O’Grady?
Head judge big Milligan checks the technique on Daisuke Ikeda’s Tre Flip, comparing it to the 3 million others he saw this afternoon.
Sam Atkins is frickin good man!! Kicky Backlip in the Finals.
Rob Pace turns it up to 11 for the Finals with a Front Crook down the rail.
Commentator: “So here we are with head judge, Matt Milligan. So Matt, who do you think is gonna take it this weekend?!” Matt: “I dunno man, did you see my Front Rock on the blog yesterday?”
Ryder Lawson beautifully Back Three’d his way into the Finals while my fellow photog friend Sam botches the shot.
Qualifying first in the Semis, Noah Nayef Back 3s into a Lip.
2nd place Golden Ticket holder, Mikey Mendoza B/S Flips from corner to corner.
Joey Cormack Switch FS Flips for the crowd and himself.
Daisuke leads the Finals with Switch Big Heel down the set.
Whoa brah! Don’t leave yet! It’s the best part! The Pie Run guy's here! @PieRun
Mash gets Indy’s Best Trick Started with a Bean Plant Bluntslide.
Unknown Soldier couldn’t quite pull the Back 3 launch so opted for the BS 180, still not too shabby.
When Mash comes your way, you best run for your life!
Believe it or not, Jamey Foxton pulled this One Foot Firecracker.
5th place in best trick for that lil circus trick.
From Braz to OZ, Junior Campos holds it down in Best Trick with a Nollie Flip Noseslide.
Round here you’ll get 4th place in Best Trick with a move like that, Yea Junior! And thanks for the gear!
Mash just don’t stop, No-Comply Fakie 50/50 down the rail.
Good job Mash, but you really shouldn’t put money in your mouth... that’s dirty. On second thought... fuck it. Do what you want.
A Back 3 Flip does not make much sense as photo, so here’s a Switch Tre photo of Daisuke instead.
The former for Daisuke got em 2nd place in BT.
Rob Pace put his Salad expertise to work with a Front Salad Back Bigspin Out, Holy Smokes!
Congrats Rob on 1st place in Independent’s Best Trick!
Everybody Skates Part Two.
Thanks Mel Lappas for helping out so much!
Thank Bill Nayef for holdin’ it down all weekend!
Thanks to Darren and Hagan from Monster Skatepark.
Mash got the Bronson Speed Killer Award, Rightfully so!
Highspeed No-Comply 50 for Mash!
Tyrone Sutherland takes home the Mob G for Effort Award.
Sam Sutton fuckin ripped, and got 5th place.
Yea Sam!!
Lenard brought it home for NZ with 4th place.
Helllllll Yeah Lenard!
Mikey Mendoza maintains and cops 3rd place. Heck Ya Mikey!
Joey Cormack kinda came outta nowhere and now lives that podium life in 2nd place. Friggin’ Rights Joey!
...And your second time winner of Damn Am this year: Daisuke Ikeda!! Congrats Daisuke!!!!!!!!
...And your second time winner of Damn Am this year: Daisuke Ikeda!! Congrats Daisuke!!!!!!!!
That's a wrap for the first ever Damn Am Australia. Thank you so much to everyone who helped in any sort of way and thanks to everyone who came out and/or watched at home. We love you!!!