2017 Damn Am Amsterdam - Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, August 5, 2017 by Chris

Our first trip back to Amsterdam since 2013 and a newly rebuilt Skatepark Amsterdam (aka NOORD Skatepark). Over 100 skaters are ready to rip this course tomorrow during Qualifiers. Here are the early birds putting in work before the crowd.

Photos: Mathijs Tromp
Bart Buikman starts things off with a tailbone.
Jip Koorevaar - Tucknee
Hans Worst is taking care of the food.
Woody Hoogendijk - Hardflip
Rob Maatman - Backside Noseblunt
Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Nothing goes better with skateboarding than beer and food on sticks.
Rob Maatman - 360 kickflip
Lex van der Does - Trashy Ollie
A little bit of Miami in Amsterdam: Sebastiaan Vijverberg - Frontside Bluntslide
Nassim Guammaz - Bs 180 Nosegrind revert
Bart Buikman - Frontside Bluntslide
Mano Wolf - Backside Smith to finish it off and we'll see you tomorrow for Qualifiers!