2017 Damn Am Amsterdam - Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Saturday, August 5, 2017 by Chris

Just in case you were wondering how good the skateboarding is on the other side of the globe, here's the answer. These Ams have been killing it, and it's only gonna get better tomorrow for Finals. To top it off, 2015 Tampa Am winner Aurelien Giraud (France) shut down the Independent Best Trick contest with an insane sequence of bangers down the new NOORD 7-stair Check the video. Congrats Aurelien!

Photos: Mathijs Tromp
Corbin Harris - Frontside Hurricane
Jelle Maatman - Backside Smith
Mano Wolf - Frontside Bluntslide
Robbin de Wit - Backside Noseblunt Pop Out
Tristan Koelewijn - Backside Noseblunt
The food here is the Worst.
Evandro Martins - Switch Heelflip
Tim Debauche - Frontside Feeble
Kilian Zehnder - Impossible
Roger Silva - Nollie Backside Overcrooked
Tiago Cristian Alves de Oliveira - hurricane
Aurelien Giraud completly killed the Independent Best Trick!
Best Trick winners: Aurelien Giraud, Ivan Monteiro, Alexander Risvad, Kilian Zehnder and Jonas Carlsson. Full results
Congrats again Aurelien!!