2017 Damn Am Amsterdam - Finals Photos

Posted on Sunday, August 6, 2017 by Chris

The new NOORD Skatepark was incredible, and these Ams crushed it all weekend. Check out some photos from Finals at Damn Am Amsterdam and give it up for Ivan Monteiro for placing 1st with a mind-blowing run.

Photos: Mathijs Tromp
Aurelien Giraud - Backside Smith
The weather was sunny today, only happy faces!
From Paris with love, Hugo Corbin with a backside lip.
Will Harmon and the judges were on point all weekend long.
Jared Clealand - Fakie Willy
Eelco de Koning is doing the important stuff…
Ivan Montero - 270 lipslide
Jacopo Carrozzi won the Bronson Speed killer award!
The German gangster vlogger OG Pav is working on some killer content.
Thanks for the awesome tunes DJ Wade!
Robbin Oost, hyped as always!
Brian Schaefer on the mic.
Hey don’t sleep, finals are going off!
Tim Zom - Backside lipslide.
Evandro Martins - Backside Smith.
Vincent Milou - Frontside Bluntslide.
Hugo Corbin - Frontside Hurricane
Daan van der Linden in the house!
Vincent Milou - Frontside Bluntslide
Douwe Macare - Frontside Feeble
Beers beers beers…
Your 2017 Damn Am Amsterdam winners! 3. Douwe Macare. 1. Ivan Monteiro, 2. Aurelien Giraud. You guys crushed it. Thanks to Nike SB, NOORD Skatepark, our sponsors and anyone else that helped us put this together. Next stop: Woodward West