2017 Damn Am Woodward West Practice & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, September 3, 2017 by Chris

Welcome back to Woodward West, a skate paradise in the middle of nowhere (aka Tehachapi, CA). Pretty much nothing but mountains and scenery surrounding us, but the 100+ amateurs that showed up for Damn Am don't care. They're focused on keeping their runs tight and securing a spot in the Qualifiers today. Check out some photos from yesterday's practice and Indy Best Trick.

Photos: Bart Jones
Showed up to Registration like…
Lazer Crawford gets Kicks… Flips.. and Frontboards out of the way early.
SWEATY BOYS: not cause its hot out and they’re sweatin’ but the name of the crew.
John Oskvarek does what he does with a Nollie Flip Backlip.
People showed up, and Frank was tired.
When you live in Portland you better know how to rip some Trantran, Austin Thongvivong abides.
Kelly Hart and DJ Wade are starting to look alike.
Sit-n-Pinch, Mike Piwowar puts a Switch Back Smith in its place.
Lazer and Manny share their choice beats.
Yes Paul we get it! You can skate too!
“Yea we’re in pretty good formation but where’s your iWatch?”
Christian Dufrene is a growing boy, his hair is long and his shirt has stripes now...the BS Noseblunt is still the same tho...
Hmmmm what else could we skate??
The Dirt yuh Dummy!! Manny Gomez takes one to Fakie.
Crusty-n-Dusty Derick Glancy bridges the gap between the two.
“Hell yea mann, tattoos and camo shorts; let's be boyss!"
Kaede Terauchi flyin high with Fs Kickflip Grab.
Water Cooler Gossip.
Julian Christianson ain’t new to dis.. Switch Hards to flat.
They said shade was a myth!!
Austin Lenahan enters the Bone Zone!
Independent Best Trick went off with some intense tech trickery; Nollie Flip 1 of 2 involved with this Crooked Grind for Mike Piwowar.
5th Place Best Trick, Lucas Alves, Tre Flip Nose Nol Heel Out.
Mike Piwowar hones 4th place in IBT with that Nollie Flip Crook Nollie Flip Out.
Ivan Monteiro holds down 3rd place with his money gun the Back 3 Flip Lip 270 out.
Anthony Estrada keeps the mustache and Half-cab Heel Crooks Back Rev out on lock, hustlin’ that 2nd place trophy.
The first part of Gustavo Ribeiro’s Kicky Crook Nollie Varial Heel out.