2017 Damn Am Woodward West Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, September 4, 2017 by Chris

With one more stop left to go in the Damn Am series this year, the standouts are starting to take shape. It's more and more obvious who the contenders for Damn Am of the Year will be, and one of them just happened to place first at Woodward West this weekend. Maurio McCoy laid down an incredible run and wowed the judges with his buttery style, delivering him the win. Congrats Maurio and everyone else who killed it out here!

Photos: Bart Jones
Started the day blessed and by blessed I mean Matt Fisher blessed us with a box full of Xclear Nasal spray for this dry desert weather. BLESSED!
Just filling some Bronson sponsor obligations when Ethan Demoulin spiced things up a bit with this Nosegrind over the hip.
Corner crew up in the house.
Nananana nananana!!!! Will Smith gets Jiggy with a Peter-Blunt Grind.
Double Dog Down.
Julian Christianson takin the Switch Crook escalator.
Japanese crew up in the house!
Its time for the Crookulator, Matthew Pierre takes it upward.
Father/Son Pep talk.
This a crazy one, 270 Crail Backlip; Kaito Sagawa
There were people there.
Bronson Speed Killer Winner Jonny Hernandez blasts a FS Flip to infinity and beyond.
…And then there was even more people there.
Sora Negishi mid Hardflip before the smack down into grind.
Big-shout to Stevie - our Medic for the weekend.
Winner of the last ever Hazard County Damn Am earlier this year guides a BS Overcrook to fakie.
Primetime Seating.
Ivan Monteiro can skate tranny too.
Maurio McCoy takes a 180 Nosegrind there and brings it back.
High board breakage factor right before Finals, Alex Midler takes the chance with a KF Lip.
Midler qualified first for finals, Yeah!!!
This trick is rad: John Oskvarek with the Nollie bs 180 ss back 5-0.
Whether it’s best trick or finals, Mike Piwowar has been makin a ripple in these contests lately; Switch 5050.
Kento Urano can Inward Heel anything but also has the Kicky Frontblunt and just about everything else too.
Lookin like a Crook but a bs 180 Nosegrind down, Marcos Montoya can do it all.
Christian Dufrene makes em take a step back with the Screech of a BSTS.
Sora Negishi had this BS Noseblunt Slide on lock all weekend.
Flip in flip out king, Lucas Alves Kickin into a Noselide with possibly anything you can imagine out.
Somehow every dude can Front Blunt, Gage Boyle is one of em’.
Midler still trying to focus that board with a Kickflip Board.
It’s all in the catch, just a glimpse into Ivan’s insane run.
Pop the shirt off after the run: it's a Brazilian thing... or maybe just a 100 degree day type of thing.
When you see Maurio in this formation he could be goin’ anywhere. This time it’s into a Noseblunt.
Lucas Alves, 5th Place. Not too Shabby!
Mannn can this Valley boy roll! Gage Boyle..4th Place!
1st place Qualifier and 3rd place finisher; Mr. Alex Midler!!
Overall Damn Am ruler Ivan Monteiro runs tings in 2nd place; Yeah Ivan!!
And your winner and now current Damn of the Year up-n-runner, Maurio McCoy!! Congratulations Maurio!!!!
Another one for the books! Thank you Woodward! Thank you Skateboarding! Thank you World!!!!! Until next time!