2017 Damn Am NYC - Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 23, 2017 by Chris

The Big Apple has been our last stop on the Damn Am tour the last handful of years, and it's the perfect segue to Tampa Am in November. From the gritty Finals at LES Skatepark to the insane Indy Best Trick down the double set, the energy here is unreal. Look at these shots from practice and realize that these guys aren't even unloading everything they've got yet.

Photos: Bart Jones
There it is in all its glory: LES Skatepark.
Zion Wright was at the skatepark the night before till 2:30 in the morn and was there when I got there the next morning grinding this titanium top-rope.. WTF Mannn!!
Past Tampa Am Golden Ticket winner, no stranger to the contest game, Myles Willard pays due to a East Coast powerhouse with a Barley Grind.
ETN Film crew organizing their plan of attack.
What did the Tre Flip say to the Bank to Ledge?? SLAP!!
Keep it in the family… The Partridge Family, Blaine Partridge keeps it tight with a b/s 180 Nosegrind.
Considering there is a good percentage of skateboarders that are degenerate litterbugs = a pretty good pay day for this Mrs. Lesson to be learned = Litter! JK!! don’t.
Always down for some internetlectual tractions, Mikey Haywood seals his spot with a B/S Noseblunt Slide.
Man Oh Man is Lucas Rabelo good!..here exemplified with a not-quite-midget-but-shorter-than-average-regular-person FS Flip.
Manny takes in some sun and prepares for a long day of announcing today.
Comin’ thru w/ a vengeance, Christian Henry houses a Smith Grind.
Ivan Monteiro takin' the Tre Noseblunt on tour from West to East and back.
Do the kids still say: MF SQUAD AF!! ?
Driven towards that Miami Vice Turquoise, Chance Levin Noseblunt Slides to the other side of the apple.
How you gonna get that big Nollie Heel into that lil bank? Idk, ask Zion.
When you got 2 1st names and you from FL you get 2 photos on the blog; Christian Henry again this time with a Lipslide on the sidewalls.
Identify the stupid meaning of this photo and win nothing!
Alex Midler Fakie Flips into that tight spot.
Straight from the Scums of New Jersey with the Savages, Brian O’Dwyer escapes with a Nosegrind Pop-Out.
Legendary Filmographer Lee Dupont and Audio Joe take inventory on the artillery for tomorrows big comp and Best Trick contest. You’re silly to not check it!! So do so!!!