2017 Damn Am NYC - Finals & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, September 24, 2017 by Chris

Man, what a crazy final stop for Damn Am this year. Ivan Monteiro picked up not only the Santa Cruz "Smasher" Award AND 1st place overall, he also clenched the Damn Am of the Year award. That means he receives a Tampa Am Finals Golden Ticket and an invite to skate the 2018 SLS Pro Open. Yeah Ivan! As if the Finals weren't enough, the Indy Best Trick quickly turned everyone's head and Daisuke Ikeda won it with a 360 double flip down the LES double set.

Photos: Bart Jones
It was a long day, best to come prepared to be posted.
Dressed for success, Matthew Horne gets this hodge podge of a day started for us with a Gap Smith Grind.
Never too early to start getting creative, Shane Farber takes one outta RyRey’s page with an Early Grab Rail Bonk.
What! You didn’t think they do Tre Flip Noseslides in the DUH BRONX?!?! Shawn Butler proves otherwise.
Ight Bet.
Joel Espinal skips the malarkey and sticks to solid staple like this Switch Back 5-O
Brent Behm, Gap Backside Overcrook.
Jiro Platt goes plat with a Tre Flip.
Gotta love Board For Bros and what they do.
Stephen Carty spins 270 and finds himself in a Back Lip.
Jamel Marshall connects the dots with a Gap to Back Smith.
Austin Turgon says: F@!k your diving board and Fastly Hops away.
Never Stop Handstanding.
Marse Farmer keeps it proper with a Gap To Noseblunt.
Zion botched my shot of this dope graffiti with a Gap Back Lip.
The Southern Andes Gawds shine down upon Angelo Caro’s Gap Back Lipslide.
Ivan Monteiro Noseblunt Slides just above the upside down.
Daisuke whips out one of his household staple specialties: the Switch Big Heel.
Big Ups to Daisuke on bein the #1 Qualifier.
Back so soon?! Angelo Caro sticks to the backs with a BSTS over the pyramid.
Markus Jalaber just getting his Varial Heels warmed up.
Mann! Can this boy roll!! Jereme Knibbs Backtail from low to high and pops back to low again.
NYC: the skateboarder Melting Pot!
Like a Brazilian Steakhouse, Lucas Rabelo has got plenty of options. Here's the Tre Flip one.
Like a 70’s weightlifter, Zion does an Alley-OoP for Barnaby.
A man of symmetry and precision, Maurio McCoy takes advantage with a KF Noseblunt.
Help a brutha out!
I thought Hurricane season was over, Marcos Montoya proves otherwise.
Dime Piece
Hey Daisuke, why the hurry? Why don’t you hangout and Tre for awhile?? Boom!!
To say Ivan Monteiro had a good day yesterday would be an understatement.
Y'all know what time it is, def not time for a Glory Ride tho..
I didn’t see Ish Cepeda in the contest, but I did see him getting things started at Best Trick with a Nollie 180 down the double.
You know when Markus Jalaber switches from the T to the Tank, it's time for business. FS Flip.
If jumpin down this double set wasn’t hard enough, it also entailed a short track race to get things goin.
Marcus Sarsycki takes the Nollie Bigspin to the limit down the double.
Manny and I have a moment to realize how uncomfortable our sitting situation is.
Ish goes double feature on the double set this time with a Heelflip.
Schaefer, his money, and his crew!
At this point Markus is goin’ into demo mode, this time with a Varial Heel.
Markus hypes up the crowd.
Def doesn’t make the best photo, but Daisuke’s Double Tre down the double was and is completely insane!
Markus gave a few others their chance to get the Hardflip, but yeaaa sooner or later he had to go ahead and handle it 1st try!
Git Dat Money!!
After the Best Trick Buzzer, but who cares!! Angelo Caro’s Kickflip Grind was fucked!
“Can I Live!!” Spencer Fujimoto, Thanks For Nothing.
This wouldn’t be possible without the help of Pad from Nike and the crew, Thanks For Nothing.
Christian Henry takes home the G For Effort Award for givin’ it his all.
Jereme Knibbs is always rip-roarin around the park so it would only make sense that he takes home the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Double-Set Demo Demolitioner Markus Jalaber grabs 3rd Place in Best Trick.
Right outta the gates, Tim Casey handled the Switch Front 360 and got 2nd Place.
When you Double 360 Flip a big double-set you’re getting 1st in Best Trick! Congrats Daisuke!
Our top 3 from Damn Am LES 2017: 3rd Jake Ilardi, 2nd Daisuke Ikeda, and 1st Ivan Monteiro.
Congratulations to Ivan Monteiro; this is a huge day for him, to win the last Damn Am of the year, Win Damn Am OF the Year, and also take home the Santa Cruz Smasher Award to boot is a huge feat and Ivan pulled it off. CONGRATS Ivan!!!!! We’ll see y’all at Tampa Am 2017 in November!