Damn Am LA 2018 Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, April 28, 2018 by Chris

It's not our first Damn Am in Los Angeles, but it's our first one at ETN studios. This course is sick and they even added a few new obstacles just for us. Practice was bananas of course... over 100 of the best Ams from all over the globe came to showcase their skills, so why wouldn't it be?! Make sure to download the ETN app so you can watch the Finals on Sunday LIVE.

Photos: Bart Jones
Bouncing ideas off some solid dudes during morning meetings before we get into the thick of it.
Henry Gartland sits in with a Frontside Air for a sticker incentive placement/evaluation test.
Huhh?? Good luck with this one.
Like a hot knife through Country Crock Spread: Maurio McCoy, Backside Noseblunt Slide.
DJ Wade’s crowd work.
Ivan Montiero actually just came to skate the course and hang out, but isn't actually in the contest. Here he just casually pokes around with a FSA.
Brandon Starr ridin’ walls all the way from FL to CA.
High fashion meets function.
He’s pro, but Nick Merlino couldn’t resist getting out there and puttin’ down a few Nollie Heel Noseslides.
Inside the actors' ETN Studio.
Niko Howard Nollie Back 180s the qp hip. Looks difficult and scary.
Always gotta give a shout-out to registration for getting this whole thing in order.
They grow up so quickly... Joseph Campos tweaks a growth spurt.
Whether it’s Nollie Front Feebs down 16's or concocting an Acai Bowl, Nick Merlino has got it covered.
Mike Piwowar, SSBSTS.
Bridging the gap between Brazil and the US of A, Lucas Rabelo Nollie 180 Switch Crooks off the deep end.
Loose, Sloppy, and Stinky; just how we like it. Christian Henry gives us the goods!
Wonder if Marcos Montoya gets a lot of Emimem comments with his new hairdo? Regardless... this FS Crook Drop Frontside Feeble was amazing.
Ivan Montiero takes it out back and battles a Frontside Flip.
Maurio McCoy follows up accordingly with a Hardflip up n’ over.
The NHS Fun Factory bus closes out the day with a classic tailgate out back. Stay tuned tomorrow for Qualifiers and Best Trick Mayhem!