Damn Am LA 2018 Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2018 by Chris

ETN Studios opened up their course this weekend to 150 skaters hoping for a win at our first Damn Am stop in Los Angeles, California. As expected, Qualifiers yesterday looked like Finals already and the Indy Best Trick was like a circus sideshow. Here's some photos from the day's mayhem. Download the ETN app to watch the Semis and Finals LIVE today at 12pm PST.

Photos: Bart Jones
Haha, we stuck the DJ and the judges on a love seat atop of Erik Bragg’s Ol’ haggard limo. Thats the kind of classic hi-jinx you can expect from the SPoT/Damn Am gang!
Unknown ripper gets things started with a Tailslide across ETN’s new obstacle.
Registration filled up so quick, dudes like Genesis Delagarza, couldn't get in a heat; but at least he got to skate ETN’s killer park and bust out this Kick Backtail.
BEV (Birds Eye View) Photo Terms. Keep up. Christian Henry knows the code.
Flip TM John Nicholson showed up dressed like he’s from the future.
Korion Steea blasts a Kickflip Phatty to Flatty up and over.
Jereme Knibbs caught a flying board to the face. Sorry that happened to you Jereme. Switch Front Crook.
Robert Neal ain’t afraid to skate in some glossy Dunks. Switch Front Heel.
Some random dude dressed in all white was super hyped to get a photo with Derick (the registration guy) and his cart.
Straight up and down, Greyson Beal navigates a Backside Air.
Floridian Flowrider, Jake Ilardi Glides out a Backside Smith Grind.
Another Floridian Powerhouse, Tyson Petersen blasts a frontal.
Deep inside the membrane of internectual technology, skateboard media icon Ira Ingram controls all!
Damn Am staple Yoshi Tanenbaum Front Blunts the Hubs.
Like an Irish car bomb, Marcos Montoya takes a Front Crook and drops into a glass of F/S Feeble...just for the fun of it.
That damn Bird’s Eye View again.. this time of Maurio McCoy handlin’ a Kicky Crooky.
Our Golden Ticket winners with a straight shot to the Finals. Marcos in 2nd and Tyson Bowerbank qualifying 1st.
Independent Best Trick Contest was on this new weird Pyramid/LA High Bank thing. Tyson Petersen got it started with a Kickflip into the Bank and peaced out.
We are jealous of Kyle Eggen, as he got to skate with The Muska this weekend. He also did this Kickflip Boardslide Transfer in Independent Best Trick.
2nd place Qualifier and Golden Ticket Winner, Marcos Montoya throws in his 2 cents at the Indy Best Trick with a F/S 180 Switch Crook.
Blair and Mike from ETN give Muska a tour of their weird Deep Space 9 Spaceship Trailer.
Matt Lemond takes the KF into the bank via the other direction.
As far as trickery goes, this is the kinda classic hijinx you can expect from Andy Anderson.
Our Best Trick winners.
Andy Anderson, 5th Place, Front Shuv into bank.
Cody Jacobson, 4th Place, B/S 180 Switch Front Crook Fakie.
Jafin Garvey, 3rd Place, Backside Flip into the bank.
Danny Gordon, 2nd Place, F/S Nosegrind Nollie Flip Out.
Greyson Beal, 1st Place, Hardflip into Bank.
Congrats Greyson! See Y’all tomorrow For Semi’s and Finals!!