Damn Am 2018 Los Angeles Finals Photos

Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 by Chris

ETN has been helping us with so much during Tampa Am and Tampa Pro, but they always have to travel to Florida. So, for a change, we got to check out their home turf last weekend in Los Angeles for the first Damn Am stop of the year, presented by Nike SB. Huge thanks to those guys for inviting us and congrats to Maurio McCoy on taking home the win! Check out some photos from the Finals...next stop: Japan!

Photos: Bart Jones
Rollin up and greeted by the squadrant.
Lakeland Florida’s finest Marse Farmer, messin’ around in the semi’s.
Giovanni Vianna takes a break from being the Fakie/Cab King and Gaps a hefty Backlip.
Henry Gartland spinnin’ in the Semis.
Ohh Mannnn, Erik Bragg is gonna be pissed!
Yoshi Front Blunts the stairs off the stairs.
Sao Paulo Smoothness, Gabriel Fortunato.
Jake Ilardi puts it on for the crowd with a B/S Air on the boomerang.
The key to qualifying first, sausage and cheese.
Netflix TV star Lucas Alves Backsmithing on the main stage.
Comin' outta nowhere, Kyle Eggen places first in the Semi-finals.
Support Boards For Bros!!!
This is art, also while showing hot sk8 action, and also fulfilling sponsor obligations.
Henry Gartland, F/S Nosegrind Pop-Out.
Marcos Montoya Pops out going the other way.
There’s our guy!
Gabriel puttin’ in work in the Finals.
Tyson hitting them with one of his specials.
Back Smith Silhouetto.
Jake Ilardi also did the Gap Backlip.
The new and improved Exclusive Damn Am Sky Box.
Gage Boyle goin’ in.
Yoshi with the Kicky Frontals.
Lucas Alves Hardflipping simulated street at its finest.
Contest Wizard Maurio McCoy sails a Kickflip.
Just a couple dudes waiting for the Final Results.
Thanks For Nothing Award goes to NHS Fun Factory for all their support and good vibes in general all weekend.
Another Thanks For Nothing Award for ETN for hooking up these amazing accommodations this weekend.
Kyle Eggen took the Santa Cruz Smasher Award, look at him go!
Brazilian Wonder Gabriel Fortunato got the Mob G For Effort award.
Congrats to Travis Harrison, taking the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Congratulations to our top 3 from this weekends first Damn Am Stop of year. 3rd: Yoshi Tanenbaum; 2nd: Lucas Alves; 1st: Maurio McCoy.
Another Damn Am for the books and looking forward to the rest of the stops this summer. And once again.. Congrats Maurio!!