Damn Am 2018 Japan: The First Day

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2018 by Chris

Normally this day at Damn Am is reserved for hanging up banners and putting stickers all over the course. We gotta show some love to the people that help pay for these trips... But dude, it's Japan and there was so much more to see that we got enough photos to put together a full day's story. Check it.

Photos: Bart Jones
We finally made it!
Paul thinks to himself: “I pulled it off”
Time to hop dat train.
Derick likes train rides.
Brian makes a point to stay up on current trends.
He also takes a look at the Japan Damn Am handbook that our hosts so graciously put together for us.
Pat wants to go to the Night Spot or maybe Fun Street.
Big Milly and Glancy spot Mount Fuji.
There it is!
Got our hands on some brewskis.
A gift for our hosts and coordinators that went a above and beyond to plan this trip.
Mount Up!
Pretty tired and beat but upon arrival checked out a wee bit of culture.
Our guide and Translator Toshi has steadily been killing it.
Maybe this is fun street?
Before calling it a night, had to get in our first authentic Japanese meal.
Holy Moly!
Immediately upon arrival to park, Zitzer was already in shred mode!
we thought that maybe Daisuke was famous here and sure enough!
The locals showin' us how it's done.
big shout to NHS and TWS havin our backs no matter where we go.
Taihou Tokura screeches a Noseblunt Slide across a big ole bank.
Looks like this guy and DJ Wade might have to battle.
Wakyo Sakamoto putting down KF Front Boards on this rather large rail every try…heavy!
The news lady is sold on this latest craze call skateboarding and wants in!
Derick will not be held down! His stride will not be broken!
This park doesn’t really have small obstacles. Ryo Sagawa has no other place for his S/S F/S Flip to go than off this small mountain.
Bonus round for Taihou with this epic hump day Ollie.
These dudes have been doing event set-up all day aka banner work, not to mentioned very jet lagged, so time to call it! We’ll see you tomorrow for official practice time!