Damn Am Japan 2018 Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Friday, May 4, 2018 by Chris

Qualifiers at Damn Am Japan were like watching the kids' version of Tampa Pro. That's how good these guys are... And if that wasn't enough, the Indy Best Trick took it to a whole other level. These little rippers may be small, but they're doing big tricks on an even bigger course. Check the photos...

Photos: Bart Jones
Damn Am with Mt. Fuji in the background, ain’t that a trip?
Went big on the BW “banner work” on this one.
Pact House.
Yamato Kosuzu is like the young Japanese Hewitt.
As Toki Kakitani is the Japanese Dee Ostrander doppleganger.
2020 Olympic hopefuls.
The Japanese version of the Euro Gap is gigantic. Raimu Sasaki gets the Tre up.
SSSKKKKRRRRR!!!!!! Taihou Tokura screeches a Backlip down the Hubs.
Heat your meat.
There was one Frenchman in the comp and he fit in just fine with KF Indy Fakes.
Joetaro Saito - FS flipping maniac.
You’ve now entered the… DRONE ZONE!!
Apparently KF Frontside Boards on this rail is second nature for a lot of these kids. Kento Urano is one of them.
Nao Aida comes through with a solid Bluntslide.
Some things never change wherever you go: little padded air babies doin’ Canadian Flyouts alive and well way out East.
Big Ramp, Lil Kid. Daiki Ikeda makes the Front Blunt Exchange.
They call this one an American Dog.
Tahiou Tokura can put on a hell of show, seen here spinning a 540.
As far as we our concerned, Sena Watanabe is the future! Elusive Frontside 180 Heelflip on the qp.
Hey check me side straddle this guy, while his friend films it!
We’ve been kinda runnin’ Frontside Air overkill here and had to call it quits but had to relapse on this one done by Yamato Kosuzu as he went F&%kin Huge!!
Yuto Kojima!! You gotta let us know whats up with the porno mags, pretty sure I’ve seen you on a T-shirt holding a Porn mag and now here you are again. What’s up with it?!
Vert Attack 2018! Daisuke Ikeda goes 540 mid-heavy run.
NHS booth steady chilling courtside.
Taihou Tokura did the giant transfer today again in his run, here’s a another angle of it.
Our two Golden Ticket winners, goin’ straight to the Finals. Keyaki Ike & Daisuke Ikeda
Congrats Daisuke on Qualifying 1st, now get your foot out of the Gawt Dang Water Cooler!!
The kids have made their way into the rafters for a good view of the Best Trick Contest.
In our 25 years of doing this we have never seen such a well-behaved Best Trick contest in our lives. It was as if these dudes had a sixth sense to know when who was going, as there were no pile-ups as everyone patiently waited their turn; also, not to mention, no media goons and/or crazed fans in the landing.
Toki Kakitani gets Best Trick Comp started of with a Varial Heel.
Yukito Aoki bangs out a Tre Lip no prob, he also stuck it with Bigspin Out as well but suffered from some classic board breakage.
Tamano Tatsuma puttin’ in work.
Hard work pays of and Tamano puts down a picture perfect Kickflip B/S 5-O.
Young gun, Sena Watanabe handles the Heelflip FSBS To Fakie for 4th Place in Best Trick.
Sora Shirai got 3rd Place in BT with a Blizzard Flip but a photo of that would just be obnoxious so here’s a photo of a Frontside 180 to S/S Backside 50/50 instead.
Keyaki Ike midway through Switch 270 F/S Board, milliseconds before Bigspinning Out; ultimately granting him with 2nd Place in the BT contest.
Daisuke Ikeda holds down a spot in the BT comp with a Double Tre before moving on.
Then Daisuke had to go ahead and duped everybody with the Back 270 Flip Lip for the win via Best Trick Competition.
Our top 5 of pinnacle trickery and the crew!
Once again congrats to Daisuke Ikeda with the double win yesterday, and stay tuned for coverage of the Finals coming soon.
They call this one an American Dog.