Damn Am Japan 2018 Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, May 7, 2018 by Chris

That's it for Damn Am Japan, and we had such a rad time. The people here are amazing and the skating is even more amazing-er. Check out some photos from the last day at Finals and congrats to Sora Shirai!

Photos: Bart Jones
Another beautiful day in Shizuoka Japan.
Kaede Terauchi goes the distance on a Front Blunt and then stomps it down with conviction.
Toa Sasaki, little man skating like a grown man.
Mana Sasaki contains a Hurricane in the semis.
OG Yuto gives us a brief tour.
Yuto Watanabe is a good dancer, he’s also pretty good at Back 3s to flat as well
Perhaps one of the tougher tricks to go down the hubba this weekend.. Sora Shirai with the Front 180 Switch Back 5-O.
Ancient Japanese Ramp Technology.
Sora Negishi living on the edge with BS Noseblunt.
This photo of Yukito Aoki kinda looks like an Airwalk ad from the 90s.
Golden Ticket 2nd place qualifier, Keyaki Ike Front Feebles with a twist at the end.
Some airtime for Daisuke Ikeda.
There’s uh lil cutie!
This a cool one.. No-Comply Sugar-Cane performed by Shintaro Hongo.
Lil Toa doin big shit again, Gap F/S 5-Oh.
Mana Sasaki puts down a Hardflip into the finals.
"Hey! Lets Meat Up”!
Is it true that in Japan their Switch Flips are caught sideways? Keyaki Ike answers the age old question.
Sheer hubba brutality, Sora again, this time with a Hardflip Back Grind.
The kids are alright.
Frontside or Backside? This is not a botched 50.. but I suppose a Losi? We like the name Powerslide Grind Better!
Does not look like the most comfy seat, but whatever floats your bottom.
Toa must have a good skate coach, Hardflip to flat.
Even tho sidelined, the Glance-Man makes himself useful handling the Live Stream.
Frontal Bluntal for notorious contest winner Daisuke Ikeda.
Helluva way to start of a line for Keyaki with a Nollie Frontside Noseslide.
Mom was getting crazy.
Stiener gets jammed up in the bathroom line eagerly waiting for the carefully configured final results.
Brian havin’ fun with kids.
Lil game of sticker tug-o-war.
These kids know how to party!
Thanks For Nothing/Everything goes to DC Japan, for makin’ dreams come true.
Another TFN Award goes to Daisuke Hayakawa for planning the whole event, without him this would've not been possible.
No brainer on giving Toshi a Thanks For Nothing trophy, this kid was our second hand man, our translator, our vice president, and all around great guy; thanks for everything Toshi!!
Another no duh situation, Taihou Tokura took the Bronson Speed Killer Award. This dude was whizzing around like a mad man all weekend.
Daiki got hooked up with the Mob G For Effort Award with his unique style and giving’ it his all.
It came down to these two: Sora and Daisuke, either way, it's all love baby.
Right when they called Daisuke in 2nd Place, Sora knew he took the win.
The Top 3.
3rd Place, Yukito Aoki
2nd Place, Daisuke Ikeda
1st Place, Sora Shirai
Once again Congrats Sora! And to all those who competed; some really amazing skateboarding goin down in Japan!