2018 Damn Am Chicago Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, August 12, 2018 by Chris

Damn Am Chicago kicked off yesterday with over 100 Amateur Skateboarders elbowing their way through Qualifiers, hoping to make it to the Semi Finals today. If the stoke level wasn't high enough, we capped the day off with the always insane Independent Best Trick. Check out some of Bart' photos from the day.

Photos: Bart Jones
Started the morning with a private pressure flip show from Nate Sherwood for the SPoT Crew.
Salad for breakfast?! Marcus Sarsycki..you sooo crazy!
We’re gonna miss this guy!
All hopped up on Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Nick Potter boosts a Switch Tre.
“Oughta putta leash on that thing!”
Wonder if Tyson Zane is related to Billy Zane, Billy Zane is a cool dude.
Cheese Curds were a bad choice!
We call this tat the Chi-mrock.
Carter Wood sits on a Front Feeble till completion.
What are those!!..
Oh! Well L’Chaim!!
Chicago Area Loc Dawg, Nick Matthews Pops,Locks, and Rocks a Backside Smith Grind.
Henry Gartland is hawt stuff right now in but still not too cool to hit up the Damn Am.. Hellll Yea Henry!
Brian trying to figure out whats louder.. the speakers or Nate Sherwood.
Joe Milazzo comes rip-roaring thru with a Frontside Nosegrind.
Papas gotta brand-new bag!
The not so lonely island.
Chicago native Michael Piwowar holds his ground with Switch Front Feeble.
This kid was shaking a leg all day.
‘Soo ummm do you like speak Brazilian er’ somothinggg..chuhh?!’
Remember our ole’ friend Flo??
Whether it's Soma or Chi.. Deandre Thebpanya has got it like that.
Everyone loves having their photograph taken when the cops are present. Some, like this lady, even likes to do a lil dance for em’.
Aye Johnny!
Angelo Caro gets Independent Best Trick started off with a Sugar Cane.
Did someone slip Manny some Thiz!? This guy is in the zone!
Lucas Rabelo pre-games BT before the kill with a KF Backside Noseblunt.
This fella classically suffered from stoke overload and took one for the team.
Luckily he was fine and in good spirits.
Such a random trick to have on lock. But no doubt it’s Danny Gordon’s specialty and the shuv out got him 4th in Best Trick.
Off Road Truckers.
Might have to change the name of this trick to the Gartland Grind soon! jk.
Twist n’ Shout. Lucas Rabelo gets a bit twisted with the Front 270 Front Board.
Congrats to Dylan Williams & Daisuke Ikeda for taking the Golden Tickets straight too the finals.
That Suciu Grind got Henry 3rd in BT.
Mr. quick feet Angelo Caro took second in Indy’s BT with a Biggie Front Blunt Shuv-Out.
Congrats Lucas Rabelo - copping 1st with that wacky front 270 Lip thing.
Epic day yesterday. Check back tomorrow for the final wrap up!