2018 Damn Am Chicago Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2018 by Chris

With Amateur Skateboarding being this good, it's hard to know where the line between Am and Pro exists. One thing's for sure...these guys are definitely coming up. Here's the photos from Finals at Damn Am Chicago - huge congrats to Marcos Montoya for taking home first place. Thanks to all our sponsors and to you for watching.

Photos: Bart Jones
We dem’ boys!
Fitting to start this whole thing off with Marcos Montoya.
Marcus Sarsycki takes a gnarly Grind Drop before noon.
Guess the shadows??
Mr. Montoya takes advantage of an open area great for Back Smiths.
EMB in Grant Park, we’ve been blessed!
Speed Screecher Joe Milazzo skids a Backtail up top.
Nick Matthews messed around and ended up in the finals - Nollie 180 Heel.
DJ Wade now taking requests.
Banners and Bars... Malique Simpson takes a Front Crook for a ride.
Salad Jesse Raphael.
Aye long as you rollin’...
Daisuke Ikeda Switch Big Heelin’ across the country. Here’s one for the Midwest.
Lucas Rabelo has the Nollie B/S 180 Nosegrind down to a science to say the least.
We have pool and a pond, pond would be good for you.
Keyaki Ike, Switch Front Feeble.
Maurio McCoy broke his board during one run, had the electricity go out during another and still pull through.
This Kickflip Front Crook probably most likely didn’t hurt Marcos’ run.
Steez Ortiz stopped by to say whats up.
Big Shout to Asylum Skatepark for all their help.
Always gotta give Karl Watson a tip of the hat.
Big Holla to NHS for always being’ one of our gracious sponsors.
Joe Milazzo takes home the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
And then there was 3.
With Keyaki in 3rd when they called Maurio in 2nd, we already knew Montoya took this one home!
Our top Three!
Congrats Marcos!!!!!