2018 Damn Am NYC Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, September 15, 2018 by Chris

It's our last stop of Damn Am this year, and as always we capped it off in mighty NYC. Over 100 skaters showed up to LES Skatepark yesterday to dial in their warmup lines and get ready for the Qualifiers and Finals today.

Photos: Bart Jones
Logan Mozey did a giant FSA on QP at last years Tampa Am, to straight hang up, to dome hit. An unfazed Mozey starts the Damn Am Finals off with a Ollie Up Smith Bash.
SPoT Cohort & NYC Guide Daniel Frank shows up with his mama.
Puttin’ it on for the Ginger Army, Zach Plank lofts a B/S Flip over the wedge 2 wedge.
If you see Paul Zitzer around (not pictured) make sure to give him props on absolutely nailing it on the Damn Am Registration sign.
Turns out the Registration sign works.
Santiago Rodriguez finesses a Crail into the lens.
Damn Am Staple, Wes Box. Up N’ Over.
Even Daniel’s mom likes the sign.
Newly recruited by Flip Skateboards, Lucas Rabelo takes note with a Kickflip Crook.
Sprawl it out and bring it back... practically growing up on the Damn Am tour, Marcos Montoya Tres the bump to bump.
Can you air higher than the actual height of the 1/4 pipe? Greyson Beal wins this round.
Is it possible for a Hurricane to exist during a Rainbow? Brian O’Dwyer poses the question.
They call 'em Pretty Boi and the Switch F/S Flip isn’t far off. Petter Brunvatne.
If you ride for NHS and Nike you get double love. That's just business.. JKJK! Don’t believe the hype. Marcos Montoya, Kicky Backlip.
New York City, where a Fashion Shoot could be around any corner.
Tech Gnar?? Mike Piwowar takes the SSBSTS to the inhouse rail.
The Grate isn’t necessarily even easy to ride up and down, Niko Howard goes next level with Blunt Nosegrab Fakie.