2018 Damn Am NYC Finals & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2018 by Chris

The final day of Damn Am NYC and our final stop of the year ends with more of an explosion than a bang... so much talent under one bridge it was hard to keep up with all the awards, but here goes: Lucas Rabelo - winner of Damn Am NYC, Herman Moller - winner of the Indy Best Trick, and Maurio McCoy came up with a well-deserved Damn Am of the Year award. Check out some photos from the day.

Photos: Bart Jones
That BSTS is like an alarm clock in the morning! SKKKKRRRRRRRTTTTT!!!!!!
Logan Mozey always on that morning tip.
Legendary Photographer, Pete Thompson up to something special.
Hubbas from the Tranny side are funnn.. Keegan Palmer knows the deal.
Cris Lesh steady ragin’ on a Switch FS 5-O.
Goin’ into the weekend like….
C’mon baby gimme some suga’(cane) Brian O’Dwyer abides.
Jonathan Perez comes from the same city as the OG Hubba, so this lil’ mock imitation is child's play. Nollie Heel Nose.
Josh Zickert is a legend! Natural Koncept Skateboards is the best!
Goin’ up to get down! Dominick Walker on one!
Niko Howard is a Beast! Plain and simple. Alley-Oop over the hip.
Ryan Saunier gives big shout to all these delicious Bodega sandwiches.
Marse Farmer comes out kickin’ with a F/S Nosegrind.
I don’t think we saw Cooper Qua miss one of these Frontside Flip Grabs all weekend.
Manny doesn’t go anywhere without his sandals.
When in doubt grab out, Keenan Lewis knows the operation.
The real McCoy, Maurio that is.
The crowd showing enthusiasm.
1st place Qualifier at this juncture, Lucas Rabelo.
Marse Farmer makin’ the Final cut.
Florida in the Finals! Keenan Lewis, Tre Lip.
Rio Batan Matienzo could win one of these things someday!! Kicky Frontside 5-O.
Maurio with his money gun, Kickflip Frontside Noseblunt.
Daisuke Ikeda has gotta an up down star special too! Back Three Flip Lip.
Lucas is messed up good. Nollie 270 Switch Backtail.
Yukito Aoki warms up the Best Trick zone with a Tre Flip.
I can’t find this dudes name! I’ve been looking for it for like an hour, but yeah anyway he Body Varial’d the Double-Set during Independent Best Trick.
Our Crowd Control guy is a real wacko!
Markus Jalaber with a Beauty of a Varial Flip during BT.
You gotta pay to play as they say, Mike Piwowar puts in work.
Hard work pays off and Piwowar gets the Switch F/S Flip.
Zach Plank housing that 5th place spot in Best Trick.
Felipe Pagan hits em with that Puerto Rican Pressure Flip via Best Trick.
That Varial Flip pays off for Markus and he owns 3rd Place.
Mike Piwowar had a couple tumbles but pulled through in the end and took home 2nd place.
Step hoppin’ all the way from Sweden! Herman Moller Straight No-complys into 1st place for Best trick. Congrats.
Taiwanese Pro Adee Lu gets a Thanks For Nothing for making the trip.
No brainer, Shred Master Keith takes the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Rio Batan Matienzo had some killer runs hence the Mob G For Effort Award.
Lucas Won.
Then Maurio McCoy follows up with that Damn Am Of The Year win!
Our top 3!
Congrats Lucas!
Congrats Maurio!