2018 Damn Am NYC Chill Photos & Bowser's iPhone Edits

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by Chris

Our house photographer tagged along at this year's NYC stop and got some photos of the squad, along with a handful of iPhone edits (all compiled here) around the Big Apple and at the contest.

Photos and Video: Josh Bowser
The SPoTTampa Crew was thick this year!
The good homie Michael Breitmaier of Street Urchins and Sleep Skateboards was also kind enough to show us around. Thanks Brick!
Chase O’brien was also kind enough to play Tour Guide for us. Bless you buddy!
Boolin’ through the streets heavy!
Derick Glancy came to work with us for another Damn Am contest, PLUS he was able to skate again! Felt great to push with you again D-Hole!
Wes was feeling the good vibes too…
Marse & Keenan - Curved Rail doubles
Keenan Lewis - Making the Curve with a Back 50
Even after watching dudes get worked on this curved rail and arguing with some angry Chess Players, Kris handled this Front Feeble no problem…
Well maybe there was a problem or two…
Skating in New York requires a ton of pushing and/or Citi biking…
Luckily Treshan O’shaughnessy was here to give us directions.
Wes Box - Starting a line with a Front Crook at my favorite spot of the trip.
Uncle Sam - Back Noseblunt
It was so good to see Derick Wynn out in NYC! Miss you already dog!
Rollin’ deep in the Subway.
Our new Tampa Am artist Stephen Palladino aka @goodandshiddy doing his thing on Prince St. Stephen will be painting the Pro Course & designing all the artwork for Tampa Am 2018.
He killed this impromptu portrait of Polaroid photographer Jean Andre Antoine.
It was great to meet you and watch you work Jean Andre!
I forced Markus to take this model photo on the day. Maybe it’ll help us sell some SPoT shirts…
Markus again doing his best Tourist Modeling. Peace from the Big Apple. See you all next year.