Damn Am Japan 2019 - Day One Chill Shots (and Some Skating)

Posted on Saturday, April 13, 2019 by Chris

We made it to Japan for the second year in a row for Damn Am and we're happy to be back. The hospitality here is almost as good as the skating. Unbelievable how young some of these kids are and they're throwing down hammers and tech like it was nothing. Here's a quick photo diary of our first day in Shizuoka, getting ready for one hell of a contest.

Photos: Bart Jones
Hey you guys come here too!?
Brian wants the thumbs up but gets the fist, he declines.
Sam gets the thumb war shake.
Ultimate tour guide Daisuke gets special treatment with a smash and grab.
Our People.
Sam keeps things exciting right of the bat and jams his passport into the atm machine.
Why would you put your Passport in the ATM machine?? Your guess is as good as ours!
Omg he’s hideous!
Toshi put your mask back on!
Got our hands on some beers as Paul’s hair on other side of world goes naturally schmohawk.
Classic Group Photo.
The worse disrespect/insult in Japan is to be late, we let Daisuke down already. Sorry, Daisuke!
Beers & Bags.
Paul about to hit Daisuke with a gift from his homeland of Louisville Kentucky.
Daisuke accepts graciously.
Gonna get f*%cked up tonight!
Mount Up!
Toshi appreciates a good piece of art.
One love Frida Kahlo!
Moderately on point.
Do we dare step into the Japanese Jazz Club?
Hell Yes!
Ahh Uh Bloody Pint down at me Pub with a Good Bloke!
Paul hyped to see one of his favorite bands on the roster.
Up bright and early the next morning and enthusiastic about sticker duty!
Toshi is a legend and sets it off with this stylish Kickflip.
Toshi could give uh f@%ck about uh b!%ch!
Tokiya Imamura takes it into the battle tent with a BS Nosegrind.
The Rumor Curry guy is cold .. hook em up with some red hot YEN and warm em’ up!
Japanese Long Haired Hesher Toki Kakitani 180s the whole thing.
These boards are awesomely amazing.
Masaki Hongo takes a Backsmith upward bound.
Yeaaa you know what it is, Crystal Geyser up in this b**tch ..hyped to have water sponsor.
Sora Negishi takes a break from all the Hardflips and Back Noseblunts for a Back Nosegrind 180.
It’s a treat to have these vending machines around every corner.
Yukito Aoki makin’ some buzz with a KF Backtail.
Kelly got up.
Kento Urano Gaps to Back 5-O.
Paul really does it all.
Aimu Yamazuki aims a master blaster of an Ollie.
Ghost Ride the DJ booth.
Last year's winner Sora Shirai Backtails for days.
Probably looking at JapaneseSingles.Org (Christian Hunsberger)
Taiga Ishikawa with the Ole Lock n’ Pinch.
Getting these edits out just doesn’t stop.
Yamato Kosuzu Blasts a head high FS Flip.
Not afraid on slipping out on copious amounts of wax, Shintaro Hongo Fast Plants the Hubba.
Yukito Aoki has the Tre Lip down to a science.
Sena Watanabe closes it out with a mind blowing Heelflip FS Lip!
Classic Stair Race, Sam and Christian should know better and let the bossman win.
From our crew to yours let us convey that we’re beyond hyped on Japan having us and can’t wait to get things started today!
Dinner is Tight.
Yuto Watanabe, Low to High Frontside Nosegrind Pop-In..