Damn Am Japan 2019 Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, April 14, 2019 by Chris

Being late in Japan is a pretty big deal...so we were up and ready to get started with Qualifiers right away. These kids didn't disappoint, and the Indy Best Trick that followed was the wasabi on the sushi. Check out some highlights.

Photos: Bart Jones
Weird flex but OK, lets get to the park!
Ooooh Whats goin’ on in there?!
Over shoot and you’re dead meat, Mantarou Tokura plays the odds.
Kaede Terauchi lofts a Fakie Flip bump to bump.
Daiki Hoshino casually glides a Backsmith down the Hubba.
The Panel.
Taiyo Shibasaki dwarfs a Noseblunt Slide on the rail.
No matter where you are in the world Benihanas are always fun.
Japanese bad boy Taihou Tokura bends his legs where some don’t.
Startin’ em off early.
When you say slip we say slide.. Backside Lipslide that is. Shintaro Hongo knows the code.
The key is to grab behind the knee, Yukito Aoki puts out the memo.
Lil Stomper Kaede Terauchi brings a Backside 180 Nosegrind down to Mother Earth.
Long as you on wheels we good! we cool!
Daiki we take as the obscure troubled artsy one with a helluva uh Front Bluntslide.
We realize we’ve already shown you a Backside Lipslide down Hubba but they just look so cool and fun.
I see you shinin!
Today's children are the skateboarders of tomorrow's generation, or something like that!
Kyonosuke Yamashita’s Wacka-Doo Flip didn’t make cut for Indy Best Trick, but we still givin him the nod!
Tamano Tatsuma is a legend and we all know it! Didn’t make the cut on Best Trick top five but we best recognize!
Mean Mug.
Even in Japan they’re afraid of getting Wecked, Haruhi Toya plays it nice n’ steady on this Nose Manny. No ones safe!
Toki Kakitani’s F/S Flip up n’ over the Hubba is no small order.
Good to see these kids showing some Emotion/Passion.
Clip on your way up and you’re burnt toast, Kento Urano gets out first try unscathed on a Kicky Back 5-Oh.
Our F-List celebrity judge does not take the Best Trick Comp as some sorta joke.
Even Japanese skateboard kids fall….. sometimes.
Sena Watanabe got 3rd in Best Trick with a Heelflip Front Lip but he already had a photo of that yesterday so here’s a Heelflip Frontboard to Fakie instead.
Shitty photo, amazing trick, Ryo Sagawa sets them straight with Hardflip Front Board Fakie.
Congrats Toki and let the Japanese Hesh Gawds be with you!
Congrats Kento, one of the only to utilize the hip/bump in their act.
Congrats to the mini Heelflip King, Sena Watanabe!
Congrats Aoto Yoroi with a Late Pressure Flip down the dubs!
Mess around and catch a trophy, Congrats Ryo! Best Trick 1st Place!!
30 sec KF challenge go!!
Too late kicked out!!
Ran into this homie playing the Shamisen on way back from comp for the day.
Brian played us a lil diddy.
Until homie was eager to get his shamisen back (..searching for segue…) Mmm.. back, Back like we’re eager to get back to park for Finals today! Catch the live webcast!