Damn Am Japan 2019 Semis & Finals Photos

Posted on Sunday, April 14, 2019 by Chris

Another amazing Damn Am from Japan comes to an end and once again, we are more than grateful to DC Shoes, NHS and everyone that helped get us here. It goes without saying that the level of skating was off the charts. A huge congrats to the top 3 and especially to repeat winner Sora Shirai. Check out the last batch of coverage and we'll see everyone in Los Angeles!

Photos: Bart Jones
Not of this world.
Mana Sasaki gets things started with a Blocky Frontside Feeble.
Sena Watanabe pays homage to Omar Hassan with this one.
Daiki Hoshino with a plug and play F/S Bluntslide.
It always feels good to be loved, everybody needs love.
Tokiya Imamura takes the plunge with a Hardflip over the rail.
Locked N’ Loaded Backlip for Shintaro Hongo.
Sora Negishi, Frontside 180 Fakie 50/50.
DC Dad!!
Last years winner, Sora Shirai just playing with em!
Mana Sasaki back again like Tag Team, this time with a Hurricane!
Are Shintaro and Masaki brothers or both just happen to have dope styles? Either way this time it’s Masaki with a Backtail.
Handling the Live Stream.
Aimu Yamazuki keeping it tight with a Back Three.
Qualifying first in Semis Kento Urano takes a lanky Front Blunt Slide.
The Heelflip Lip is second nature for Sena Watanabe at this point.
What do you do when your friend has a break down mid-run? You laugh at him!
Kento wrangles 10th place, not too shabby.
Shintaro gets in one last lick with a bump to hefty Lipslide.
Heelflip master Sena Watanabe plays around and comes up on 9th Place
Water over energy drinks!
Sora looking a little Suskspect.
Yuto Watanabe = Great Skateboarder/Amazing Dancer.
Lil man, big award Daiki Ikeda hopping into 8th place.
Lucky number 7, Yuto Watanabe takes it.
Puff, Puff, Give…
We’ve practically watched this kid grown up! Sora Negishi, 6th Place!
Sora’s got the BSNB Slide down to a science.
Whats this whitey doin’ in here!
Daiki Hoshino took some spills on this one but all worth it with one of our faves of the week, KF BS Losi..
Top 5 is cool, Daiki concurs.
Even Japanese skateboarders get tired sometimes.
Throw it in with the Best Trick trophy, Ryo Sagawa grabs 4th place just missing the proverbial podium.
The universal toy, a water bottle.
Big shout out to this guy for all his help!
Yukito experiences the full body hot pocket.
Beyond the biggest shout out in the world to DC Shoes Japan for making this happen!
Momma on sticker clean up, thanks!
Kento proves himself worthy of the Mob ‘G’ for effort award.
Aoto Yoroi went fast, next thing we know he’s got the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Yukito Aoki with a beaut of a Nollie Inwardo.
3rd Place, Yeeaaaaaa Yukito!
Another Heelflip enthusiast Kairi Netsuke takes one to Back Lip.
Congrats Kairi, 2nd Place!!
Sora Shirai came into the Finals real hot!
Repeating Offender…
JASA, not our crew but much respect!
This is our crew!!!
Your top 3.
Congrats Sora on your back to back!!!!