Damn Am LA 2019 Qualifiers, Women's Finals and Indy Best Trick

Posted on Sunday, May 19, 2019 by Chris

Yesterday at the Berrics, we packed in about as much skateboarding as you can fit into a single day's contest. With the Women's Qualifiers followed by Finals, these ladies showed us what we've been missing out on up until now. Neex Washington took home a much-deserved win with style for days. The Men's Qualifiers followed and we closed it out with the always insane Indy Best Trick.

Photos: Bart Jones
The judging panel is ready, lets do this!
Grind it….Yeaaaaa
Stella Reynolds balances out a Front Rock.
All style for Briel Weingartner on a Backside 180.
Dana Jeck also with a smooth style.
Brooke Whipp letting us know what kinda grip she rides on this Kickflip down the 5.
Business Mogul and ripper Ashley Masters styles out a nice Heelflip.
Paige Heyn with a 10 stair blast.
Sora Yamawaki keeps the knees protected on a A-Frame Crooked Grind.
Ruby Lilly also has her style, Grabbin out of Noseblunt.
Stella Reynolds with one of her classic Backside Flips.
Christiana Means handles things with 50/50 down the Hubba.
Vianez Morales took it there with a 4-block huck!
Women's Top 3.
Congrats Neex!
There she is..
Get them results up on the story!
Uncle Sam, you’re doin’ a helluva job!
Koston Eaton, is this kid named after Tampa winners?!
Eric Clark warms up the rail with a Bluntslide.
Mike Piwowar is always learning new tricks, this time its the 180 Switch Crooks.
Denmark Pop Daddy, Tobias Christoffersen takes a Nollie Backside Flip down the set.
Rafi Dadd goes below sea level with gap 5-O.
No hits the out ledge, but Marcus Sarsycki did with a Backtail!
Vinicius Costa Twangs out a Frontside Flip.
Our Japanese friend Kento Urano, Kickflip Back Lip.
Gear on point, name on point.. Kwesi Un Holloway spins the Back 3 into Lip.
Once again Marcus hits what could be possibly the sketchiest obstacle in the park with Backsmith this time.
Congrats to Vinicius on Qualifying first!
Vinicius with the homies.
Nawgghhh Dog…
These hype beasts are ready for the Independent Best Trick Contest!
Maurice Jordan gets things goin’ with Switch Front Blunt.
Didn’t place but a notable mention goes to Zack Wiegand for this Nollie Heel Front Board.
Danny Gordon get 5th with his Sig, hang ten Backtail Shuv.
Jonathan Henderson takes 3rd with this Tre Noseblunt.
Congrats Becker Dunn; Best Trick 1st Place.
And Congrats again to Vinicius Qualifying 1st!
Check them Heat Sheets cause we about to get into it today!