Damn Am LA 2019 Men's Street Semis & Finals Photos

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 by Chris

Our last day at The Berrics closed out in style, as 48 of the best Ams from around the world pushed for that top 12 spot in the Finals. In the end it was Becker Dunn that came out on top, with an impressive selection of tricks put together perfectly in his final run. Congrats Becker and to all the winners from this weekend. And a HUGE thanks to The Berrics for having us out - let's do it again next year.

Photos: Bart Jones
Ended up with a lot of photos of Dominick Walker, and who knows how much longer he’ll be doing these things so mineaswell start it off with his Kicky Board... a nice one at that!
Filipe Mota might've not made Finals but he sure as hell wasn’t heading back to Brazil without throwin’ his specialty: the Heel Front Board, down the 10 rail.
Whether Wesley Box is in Ybor or LA he’s always hittin’ the bricks.
Anthony Estrada, the guy from Chips? Nahhhww the guy that Fakie Nosegrind 180s the rail! Oh yeaaa that guy!
Nipple top beanie with the hands down, Jonny Hernandez with all the ingredients to make a Nollie Crook look extra dope.
Pretty safe to say Mike Piwowar has got the Switch Backside Flips wired.
Dominick with a Crook from the bump side.
Jalen Willis keeping up with the trends of 6 months ago and daps mid Noseblunt Slide.
The Highway Barrier doesn’t get as much love as you’d think, Greyson Beal sees it’s a lil lonely and gives it a little Bluntslide kiss.
Over shoot and there’ll be hell to pay. Thing is Mr. Walker just doesn’t give a f**ck!
Lil Dre ain’t so lil’ no mo’... nor are his Backtails either.
Frontside Half-Cab Board w/ your beanie down that low, might as well have a blindfold on.
All the way from Denmark, Tobias Christoffersen seems to be getting used to the LA lifestyle with SSBSTS’s on the mini-table every try.
The real Norcal, Zack Wiegand slaps up into a Bluntslide.
Maurice Jordan does his best Screaming Hand impression mid-Switch Front Feeble.
Yes it would be cool if Lazer Crawford did Lazer Flips for better or worse, but until then the 270 Lip will have to do.
Greyson Noseblunt Slides the Bunny Hill version of the China Banks.
A couple Front Shuv Grind bails on the smaller rail and Domo said fuggit just go do it on the 10 first try.
Jalen with a high speed 180 Nosegrind.
Congrats to Santana Saldana, qualifying 1st in the Semi’s.
Grab some Acai, or some fries, or whatever, cuz Finals is about to go down!!
Kento Urano taking in the rich culture of American food.
Zack Wiegand gets Finals started
Ricky Chavez, Backside Noseblunt Slide.
Domo Walker finishes strong with Front Feeble on the big rail.
First Place Semi-Final qualifier Santana also wants a piece with a Noseblunt Slide.
Austin Heilman is good at tricks where you can’t see where you’re going; Switch B/S Smith.
Tobias is so dope! cool tricks, cool style.. Switch Flip Frontboard.
Maurice was made for this shit, KF F/S Boardslide on the biggie.
A few secs left on the clock and Lazer stomps the Hardflip Backlip.
Becker Dunn did this Front Crook and maybe just a few other things.. I suppose, maybe ; )
Thank You Berrics!!
Thank you Crawford family for being backers of Damn Am for years now!
Mob G For Effort award goes to Sam Fitzsimmons, guy came all the way from Hawaii and steadily crushed it all weekend long with his classic tall guy style.
Jalen Willis took the Bronson Speed Killer award haulin around all weekend.
Congrats to LA local Maurice Jordan taking 3rd Place.
Lazer has been coming to Damn Am for years and sure enough he’s now living that podium life; Congrats Lazer!
Our Damn Am LA 2019 Winner.. Becker Dunn.
Congratulations Becker!!!
Thank You Everyone, until next time..